Infographic about internal communications in retail

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The way you communicate with frontline associates impacts customer experience

48% of retails rank empowering associates as a top strategic priority. Customers who have excellent experiences with brands spend 140% more.

Well-informed frontline associates are more connected to your brand, ready to perform and equipped to provide amazing customer service. But internal communications in retail comes with many challenges:

  • Deskless associates who don’t have corporate email
  • A geographically dispersed frontline
  • Inconsistent schedules
  • High turnover

How are you getting the attention of your frontline associates?

The siloed way

Head office relies on each individual store manager to get the word out to their associates.

  • Information sharing is delayed
  • Individual store manager spin creates inconsistent messages
  • Impossible to measure who has viewed the message and who hasn’t

The engaging way

Head office pushes the exact same message directly to each associate on the device of their choice.

  • Sent to entire frontline in real time on the devices they use on the job
  • Every associate receives exactly the same message in the same way
  • Easy to see how has viewed the message and who hasn’t

What’s the customer experience?

With the siloed way, associates are out of the loop and potentially confused, so… Customers interact with associates who don’t have all the details resulting in a disappointing experience.

With the engaging way, associates are better informed to serve customers, so… Customers interact with confident associates who deliver the consistent experience you strive for.

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