Success relies on having a frontline workforce that’s ready for anything


Your frontline workforce is diverse and complex.  When you give them continual access to right-fit training and communications you fuel them with the knowledge and confidence to do their best work every day.

    • Drive operational consistency
    • Maximize ROI on your labor investment
    • Implement frictionless BYOD  
    • Keep your frontline agile with timely communications


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“Axonify’s frontline-forward vision was a natural fit for Dollar General as we strive to empower our associates to deliver the very best customer experience.”

– Lori Bremer, Vice President of Talent Management, Dollar General
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Increase revenue and profitability by getting every employee performing like your best. 

If you want to keep customers coming back, every experience they have with your brand should feel rewarding and positive—no matter who’s delivering it. Keep your entire frontline on the same page by giving them personalized training and communications that fit right into the flow of work. They’ll build the confidence and competence to deliver stand-out customer experiences, and you’ll reap the benefits of more productive shifts, stronger sales and improved NPS.

Make sure you’re getting the best performance out of your biggest investment: your frontline people. 

As wage pressures continue to increase, it’s more important than ever to ensure your frontline workers are doing the things that have the greatest impact on your bottom line. Deliver role-specific onboarding, reduce your turnover metrics and see how an engaged and performing frontline can really deliver the results you expect.  

Make it simple for employees to access information in the moments they need it, on the devices they’re most comfortable with—no IT or legal roadblocks in the way. It is possible. We can show you how.

Legacy IT baggage, security concerns, bad technology and legal considerations have traditionally limited the use of personal devices on the frontline. Now you can
give your people instant access to job-specific training or information through a safe and secure mobile experience that meets them right in the flow of work.

Update your entire frontline in real-time so everyone is connected to your culture, prepared and ready to do the right things.

Ditch the unreliable bulletin board postings, managers personal ‘filters’ and unapproved chat channels. Push timely information to employees on the devices they use every day so the message you want gets delivered, and your teams know exactly who has seen it and when.  Changing regional guidelines, emergency processes, or congratulations and thank yous from the CEO all need to reach the frontline, and it’s never been easier.  

50+ Languages

150+ Countries

3.5M+ Learners

Find out why organizations like Kroger, Walmart, Merck and BT trust Axonify to get their frontline workforce ready for anything.

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“The mentality at Lowe’s is that training is continuous. We believe that training has to be there at all the moments that matter.”

– Jamie Furey,  ‎VP, Talent Management, Learning and Diversity, Lowe’s Companies Inc.

“Feedback about the Axonify platform has been phenomenal, and we believe the process has been a significant contributing factor to our improved performance  and engaged associate base.”

– Ken Woodlin, Former VP of Compliance, Safety and Asset Protection, Walmart Logistics

“Axonify has helped us build a more knowledgeable team in an increasingly complex environment, boost efficiency and, ultimately, reduce our risk.”

– Charles Rizzo, CFO, John Hancock Group of Funds

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