Brain Science Research


There is no reason to stuff your employees’ brains with too much information or information that has no value to them. We have found, by using proven brain science techniques, that giving your employees small, regular doses of information that is vital to their tasks is a much more effective way to train. By ascertaining each salesperson’s knowledge level, our microlearning software personalizes training content in a way that fits each employee’s needs and automatically adjusts over time to boost long-term retention of critical information that leads to better performance on the job.

Sales Training Using Microlearning


Microlearning serves up information in short three- to five-minute segments that are accessed via a computer, mobile phone or any other internet-connected device. The information is introduced in an exciting and engaging format that challenges the trainee and even calls on them to compete with themselves and their peers in fun, friendly way. The information is relevant to their job and is presented in a game-type format, which makes it interesting and puts the mind in a state of flow so employees can concentrate better. Obviously, the more engaged someone is with information, the higher the likelihood that they are going to retain it and implement it.




The Benefits of Microlearning for Sales People


There are many benefits to using our microlearning platform for sales reps, including the following:

  • Research-based Delivery: Our platform’s training methods represent the state of the art in brain science, helping you to replace your old and outdated sales process training methods with more effective techniques that boost sales performance.
  • Ingrained Information: Knowledge is ingrained into the minds of your sales staff so they actually remember and apply what they need to know to sell more effectively.
  • Results: We provide our customers with results that can be directly traced to their measured success in business.

Why Your Sales Team Can Benefit from Microlearning

Companies have to hire people from across a broad spectrum of backgrounds in order to be successful. A diverse workforce is important when it comes to the success of any business. A prominent reason behind the effectiveness of our microlearning platform is its ability to work with all different kinds of people who have varying knowledge levels. It can zero-in on the areas that people have difficulty remembering while also ensuring they don’t forget what they already know to be great at their job.


How it Works

As observed in a study conducted by one of our clients, our method of training is much more effective. Our client tested 100 salespeople using our microlearning method and the same amount using a traditional method. The results of the test were staggering as the Axonify group improved their knowledge retention by 22 percent during the month using our training method. The control group actually saw their knowledge base drop by 1 percent when tested on the material.



There is no point to having a great sales training method if employees don’t want to use it. This why we have “gamified” our microlearning platform. With gamification (leaderboards, points and rewards), we have added a competitive element to the process of guiding your sales staff to a more strategic selling protocol. When they are competing with their co-workers and sales reps from other locations in a fun and friendly way, and have the opportunity to earn points and rewards, they are more inspired to work at it every day.



The success of any training method can be measured by the amount of information retained and applied on the job. Research has found that people usually retain just 10 percent of the information they are given if it isn’t reinforced over time, which is what happens when using more traditional training methods. Information retention is much higher (and trackable) using our microlearning platform. Our algorithms give us the ability to design an effective training protocol for your team that fits the needs of both the individual and the group, while driving significant results.

We can’t wait to see what your organization can achieve.