Frontline-focused training that keeps up with the pace of telecom

Whether in store or on the phones, your frontline employees need the right skills and knowledge to perform their best. Give them the training they need to keep up with rapid changes and evolving customer expectations.

Learn how leading telecommunications companies use Axonify to:

  • Onboard faster and more effectively
  • Keep employees engaged with ongoing learning
  • Measure and report on training’s impact
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Onboard faster and more effectively

From product and plan knowledge to soft skills, there’s a lot for new employees to learn. Simplify onboarding and reduce time to competency with a streamlined experience that starts with content that’s most critical to their success, then builds on it every shift.

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24% decrease
in training time

5% improvement

10% decrease
in repeat customer calls

2.7% improvement
in connection rate

Learn how BT onboarded thousands of new agents in record time

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Keep employees engaged with ongoing learning

People forget—it’s only human. But when employees forget key details about products, offers or promotions, it leads to poor CX and lost sales. Help them remember more with ongoing training that doesn’t pull them away from the places they need to perform. Training sessions in Axonify are fast (just 3 – 5 minutes a shift) and personalized to each employee’s individual knowledge gaps. Plus, it’s fun—so they keep coming back for more.

See how Axonify makes learning stick

“We’re getting monthly participation as high as 95% in some of our channels, and we’ve seen knowledge lifts as high as 17% on some of our key topics. It’s a great story for us to tell our stakeholders that not only are we training on something, we’re continuously growing and sustaining that knowledge.”

– Andrew Calomino, Manager, Learning & Content, Bell
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Measure and report on training’s impact

Your frontline employees are scheduled down to the minute, so it’s critical to make training time count. With Axonify, you can easily understand what content is driving KPIs, like CSAT and conversions or call escalation and FCR rates. Then, use that insight to prioritize and  fine-tune your training efforts, spot meaningful coaching opportunities and prove training’s impact to the business.

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We’ve got content covered

Get more of your time and budget back with content that builds the skills your business cares about—like greeting customers, supporting their live chat experience, de-escalating conflict and managing sales objections. It’s proven to boost baseline knowledge by 20%, so you’ll see the difference in your frontline performance. And it’s all available on day one.

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Find out how leaders at Verizon and The Kroger Co. are empowering stellar frontline performance in the face of business disruptions.

With Lou Tedrick, VP of Learning and Development at Verizon and Senchal Murphy, Senior Director of Training & Onboarding, at The Kroger Co.

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Give your frontline employees the training they need to perform their best.