A Teaching Strategy That Actually Works


When it comes to ROI, you want to be sure that the training your employees receive is truly effective. In order to do that, you have to be able to measure and adjust your employee training program. Apart from that, you want to be able to implement effective training strategies that are measurable. Since we all learn differently, your company does well to avoid a one-size-fits-all teaching model. The best teaching strategies include adaptive microlearning, gamification, and proven techniques that are actually based in how the brain learns and remembers information.



How Does This Training Method Work?


A microlearning teaching method can truly increase your employee training return on investment. If your company is going to spend millions of dollars on employee training, you want to be sure that the teaching methods are effective and that your employees are able to retain and retrieve the information learned. This effective microlearning technology is able to teach your employees continually on a long-term basis. Instead of subjecting your employees to large amounts of information once or twice a year, this is a strategy that allows your employees to learn a little bit of information every day. When your employees are exposed to new information only once, they will only retain 10% of that information after 30 days. When your employees are exposed to that same information repeatedly, they will retain more than 90% of the information after 30 days. In order for your employees to truly retain information and for you to have a great ROI, you need to give them valuable information in microlearning sessions.

How Does a Microlearning Platform Help Employees and Companies?


Microlearning training can help improve employee retention. When your employees are able to receive valuable information in short bursts that are spaced out over time, they will truly remember the information, and they will consistently grow in their knowledge. When employees retain more information from training, your investment and training dollars are maximized. Because employees remember more, they can apply this critical knowledge to their job—which is critical for boosting business results. This investment in your employees also makes them feel more motivated, which improves job satisfaction and engagement. It also makes employees become more capable and productive.


Why Your Corporation Needs Microlearning Software


Employee training return on investment is important to your corporation for a variety of reasons. When employees are knowledgeable, both they and the corporation have power. Each of your employees is unique, and they have the capacity to achieve great things for your company.


When employees are able to learn information in a way that is engaging, captivating, and user-friendly, they will enjoy the learning process. When employees find learning enjoyable, they will have the motivation to learn more. When they learn more, they achieve more. It’s time for your corporation to join the revolution of microlearning.


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