A Smarter Way To Onboard Retail Associates

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Turnover in retail is higher than ever, and it hits your bottom line pretty hard.

If you have a retail employee earning $10 an hour, it will cost you between three-and-four thousand dollars to replace them. And when you factor in the disruption to your in-store customer experience, the costs go even higher. While turnover will never completely disappear, you can slow it down. And it starts with better onboarding.

Traditional onboarding blasts employees with a firehose of information that just doesn’t stick. And then the learning just stops. Frontline employees are pushed out to the floor where they quickly forget much of what they learned. No wonder so many of them choose to move on.

But what if onboarding focused on only the key things your people need to get up and running fast? And what if learning didn’t stop once they hit the floor, but was reinforced with every shift in bite-sized bursts that were easy to digest and remember.

That’s the Axonify way. It’s onboarding that starts new hires off strong, and keeps a good thing going. And it works for all your employees from seasoned to seasonal, keeping your frontline happy and engaged so they want to stick around for the long term.

Let’s face it: turnover happens. But it happens a lot less frequently when you start your frontline employees off right. Axonify can show you how.