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At home is a big box retailer with more than a hundred stores in 30 US states, based in Plano Texas at home carries over 50,000 unique home and garden items. in 2014 at home needed to completely transform from a niche Pottery Warehouse to a Powerhouse home decor brand in just 24 months. Chief people officer Valerie Davidson new at home success hinged on reliable and effective training across its vast Workforce. With a modest training team and limited budget at home needed a simple flexible solution to achieve powerful results. At home choose Axonify microlearning platform to quickly scale its training initiative across America, and empower its employees to ensure profitable growth. The only way that a transformation in any business is ever going to be successful as if your team members understand what your mission is and what role they play, it was incredibly important to us to find a way to connect our frontline to this change and the transformation. Using the Axonify tool was really the only option that I felt would accomplish that goal with the right amount of support. We had to have a way that we could easily talk to people about the new values of the organization, what really wasn’t working for that is as the company began to grow from 48 to 50 stores to a hundred stores with that there was no consistency. And no assurance that that training was even happening. Axonify was a tool that would allow anyone in our company to interact with our frontline, so we were able to get messaging straight to our team members real-time from our CEO and from his heart letting them know what the expectations were, how important they were to the mission, what that mission looks like, and then why was it important for them to serve our customers and to be prepared for that journey. Team members love Axonify. It’s such a simple tool, in fact, we were able to roll out Axonify with no training. The great thing that team members love about it is that it provides them with everything they could possibly ever want, when they want it. I feel like Axonify changed the way people work, definitely, on the floor where they will be with associates or customers and also give you the skills that you need so you can perform. We have really seen an impact within the organization to being able to communicate with people on a regular basis,to being able to train them consistently,I believe it’s probably one of the best decisions the organization could have made. Having 98% field participation is amazing no LMS no learning no anything I have done in the past garnered that much attention without it being mandatory. So, for example, our standard certifications instead of taking weeks and months to get done we are able to get 80% 90% completed within just a few days not having a tool like this that could support us would be a very different situation today. I think our turnover would be higher I think our cells would not be as good our conversion rates are traffic with our customers would not be a solid as they are today. Really being able to connect our people to the tools to the vision to the mission to each other has been the most rewarding part about ensuring that we are doing our part and preparing the team member but also in terms of our shareholders ensuring we deliver on our business goals as well. At home transform their business and supported a company-wide culture change, using Axonify at home can now better connect with its front-line workers indirectly tie learning to bottom-line results. 98% voluntary participation by employees, 90% reduction and onboarding time, a direct correlation between high learning levels and increased sales, a 36% drop in safety incidents among associates, and fastest completion of annual PCI compliance training that took just two weeks by 78% of employees.