Axonify Customer Support

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Male Speaker:
Other software companies, you have a problem, you’re waiting for a release, like in a month. Or two
months until a fix. And with Axonify, most of the time when we’ve had a problem, we’ve had it fixed the
same day.

Female Speaker:
Your support system is probably what makes you guys as amazing as you are and why I think that you’ve
grown so much, so quickly, is the people.

Male Speaker:
So, when I have a question, I can go to Derek, I can go to Greg, we can check in. I can say, “Hey, listen, I
have a question in terms of overall strategy. I’d like to connect with JD.”

Female Speaker:
Adam George, Tracy, Odemi, Adrian…everyone that we’ve worked with and the folks that I’ve met here,
I feel like everyone’s just very sincerely loves what they do. And that makes a huge difference.

Male Speaker:
Axonify is so much different, in that, the constant interaction of how you can do things better. How you
can support us. How you can help develop content. You really are invested in your customers and that
makes me excited.

Female Speaker:
Thanks you guys, for being the team behind this little team.