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high-performing employees have one thing in common, they’re great at solving problems and employees can solve problems quickly and effectively are at the heart of the world’s most successful companies. because employees solve hundreds of problems on the job every day, each right or wrong decision no matter how big or small has an impact on your bottom line, each decision is made using the information that’s either in their heads or at their fingertips. Critical on the job knowledge and skills like safely using a ladder or knowing how and what to sell to increase transaction size must be instinctual. And for that, Axonify’s adaptive microlearning engine in grains critical knowledge in just a few minutes a day, right within an employee’s daily workflow, but what about the occasional and non-routine problems like the proper operating procedure for cleaning up a spill or the small details on that new product and the employee just can’t remember quite yet. The reality is that your workforce is mobile, off and out on the floor, busy dealing with customers and juggling multiple tasks and with everything employees need to know to be successful on the job, the information that they only use occasionally it’s forgotten and so it’s crucial that employees have these resources readily at their fingertips. But most organizations today still haven’t found a way to seamlessly connect their workforce to the right information in the exact moment of need. Now what do I mean by that? well let’s see, this is what happens when I encounter a problem at work and don’t know what to do. First I’ll probably ask a co-worker but they don’t have the answer then I might head to the back room and dig through some binders, or jump onto a computer to see through multiple internet sites for shared drives, most of those are just jam-packed with dated information on everything but the one thing I actually need. so now it’s time to ask my manager but they’re usually busy doing, you know, manager things. so what do I do? most times I’ll just ignore the problem and hope someone else deals with it or that it magically gets resolved on its own other times I’ll take my best guess some cross my fingers but what’s the impact to your business when people guess? a missed sales opportunity? a lost customer? lower productivity? or worse a workplace injury. the cost associated with not being able to find the right information at work is huge, in fact studies on the subject tell us that the average person waste 20% of their work time searching for information. why can’t find any information at work be as easy as looking up today’s weather or finding a recipe using a simple Google search? well with Axonify Discovery Zone, it is. Axonify Discovery Zone connects your people to the company resources they need exactly when they need it so they can solve problems and make smarter decisions faster. content can be easily curated by subject matter experts in litres or you can even open it up to let the best and brightest on your front line contribute harnessing the untapped knowledge that’s it’s tucked away in their heads, and don’t worry built-in approvals allow experts to scream content before everyone can see it. it’s powerful enough to integrate with your existing intranets and content management systems revitalizing forgotten information silos and connecting them to your people to a single easy-to-use modern interface Axonify Discovery Zone is powered by an intelligent search that scans every resource even video to serve up the right information the very first time in seconds and it’s accessible from virtually anywhere ride from my smartphone tablet desktop or on a point-of-sale terminal so now that you know a bit more about what Axonify Discovery Zone does. let’s see what it looks like for your people, our store promotion changes every week can a customer just asked about this weeks deals it’s my first shift this week and I just can’t remember all of them off the top of my head so I’ll just check Axonify Discovery Zone and there it is, customers are going to love that new line of shirts I think I’m going to favourite that this tells my co-workers that it’s a useful but it also keeps it on my favourite list so I can grab it even faster next time I can even ask questions on how to attack a specific challenges in my job in a designated subject matter expert manager or even my teammate Maggie our resident Guru she literally knows everything can answer it. and it’s great for moderators and administrators because smart analytics help them see what people are searching for but also what people couldn’t find so they can build resources to fill the important gaps. Managing resources or adding new ones like a video or job aid is fast and intuitive with a built-in editor approval workflows versioning and more even better when something new or important gets added it’ll be the first thing I see when I start my day and I can even take a look at my newsfeed to see what’s new or catch up on something that I missed. farewell to old school performance support tools that are hard to use and simply don’t work. Axonify Discovery Zone push the workplace resources I need right at my fingertips in seconds it’s all part of the award-winning Axonify micro-learning platform so I get my daily Axonify training the critical stuff that needs to be in my head and the right performance support the stuff I need at my fingertips all in one spot and with that I can tackle any challenge that comes my way that’s just another way that Axonify helps me perform better on my job everyday.