Axonify Frontline Learning Solution – Retail

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We’ve always believed frontline employees deserve right fit support and tools to perform their best at work every day. So we’ve spent the last decade making it happen. We help you give your frontline people what they need to stay safe, perform smart and deliver standout experiences, all right at their fingertips in one central location. Like consistent messages that keep them connected and ready for anything and fun, fast personalized
training built just for them based on what they need to know today to perform.

Plus, they have easy access to additional training that gets them ready for whatever comes up next. Simple search makes it easy for them to find job aids and resources relevant to their role in seconds. And it’s all wrapped up in a mobile-first package, which they can access on virtually any device they use throughout the workday.

It’s not just your frontline that benefits from Axonify, your leaders do, too. From frontline managers to learning leaders, all the way through to the C suite. It starts with an entire catalog of off-the-shelf frontline-focused content proven to move the dials on the things you care about. Then, robust reporting shows you just how much those dials have moved, so you can easily connect training right back to business results.

We know there’s a lot riding on the things your frontline people do and don’t do every day. We’ll stay with you every step of the way to make sure you’re squeezing every drop of awesome out of Axonify. We promise.

Listen, you don’t have to settle for forcing frontline training into an LMS experience designed for employees who sit at desks all day. It’s time for a training solution that works the way your frontline works.