Axonify in Grocery

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In Grocery retail the things your associates do every day really matter. They react fluidly to sudden changes affecting your business. They deliver the stand-out experiences that keep your customers happy and coming back for more. They keep you compliant and accident free. They also influence business outcomes you care about.

But here’s the thing…associates have a lot of stuff they need to remember during their shift. So, how do you onboard them quickly, then keep them engaged in the training and communication they need to perform their best every day?

Axonify makes it easy.

Let’s take a closer look at how it works. This is Emily. She just started as a full-time associate at Grocery Galaxy in their produce department. When she logs in to Axonify to begin her onboarding, it’s easy for her to see where to start, and what to do next. Her learning path is focused only on the things that matter most, helping her get up to speed faster.

As Emily completes topics, she automatically unlocks tasks. This gives her a chance to apply what she’s learned before she’s performing solo. Milestones and reporting make it easy for Emily’s manager to track her progress through onboarding.

Once onboarding is complete, ongoing training keeps building Emily’s knowledge every shift, helping her remember more and perform better. Before each shift she can easily log into her Axonify account on a tablet in the breakroom, mobile device or POS system. First, she sees an important update about a food recall affecting her store. After the update, she can access her daily training. Today, she receives a 60-second training video on banana handling.

Next, she chooses a game to play that will serve up her reinforcement questions for the day. This not only ups the fun factor for Emily, it really works to drive engagement and participation! In fact, employees who choose game play in Axonify are 100% more likely to take extra training. If Emily is ever short on time, she can opt out of game play and go directly to the questions.

The questions Emily receives are intelligently generated using AI to help her remember what she’s most likely to forget. She receives a few questions on the most recent training—like banana handling—but also gets some questions on a topic she struggles with—produce stocking and rotating.

In fewer than five minutes, Emily is finished with her daily training, feeling confident and ready to start her shift. And the business can feel confident too, because the training they’re delivering actually works.

How can they be so sure? Well, for starters, the Axonify experience keeps people coming back to learn, again and again. In fact, the platform gets an unprecedented average participation rate of 83%! Axonify is also really focused on building the skills that matter most.

And, since Axonify continually serves up bite-sized, personalized bursts of information targeted to fill each employee’s knowledge gaps, the learning really sticks. At the end of the day, companies don’t perform, unless their frontline people do.

So, make it easier for them to get up to speed quickly, then continue to do their best work, right in the flow of work, with one-click access to training that actually gets results—for them and the business.