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Driving business performance is a bit like driving a race car, you’re going full throttle towards your goals, but there’s a winding track ahead of you and adapting the way your work force trains will help you reach a finish line faster, but you’ll need help changing the status quo and a few tires along the way. Meet your trusted Axonify pit crew, this team of instructional designers, implementation experts and strategic consultants help you set goals and take care of the crucial details, and that frees you to focus on the road ahead and get the business results you need.

With decades of experience, they know exactly which boots to titan in and how to keep your engine humming, so you can reach the checkered flag in record time. To get you started, we provide standard services that you guessed it every Axonify customer receives, but what the Axonify crew delivers is anything but standard. Typical day at Axonify for client engagement manager and director is very busy, we’re working with the clients all day long. We’re on calls, we’re helping you to set up the platform the best way possible and really going through all of the best practices and making sure that you’re going to be successful with your launch of the Axonify platform. I think where it starts is probably by looking at the data and understanding how our customers doing in terms of using the platform, looking at the content and understanding is the content, the line to what they want to achieve. And it goes right back to the relationships that we have with the customer and understanding what they need from us and what the business is expecting them so that we align ourselves to support those needs and that’s how we drive results for our customers every day.

Whoa! Nice throw, Greg. If you want to really laugh the competition, we’ve got you covered there too. You can add advanced services at any time to pump up your administration, hammer down on strategy, fuel impact measurement and so much more. Hey, has anyone seen Sarah? We helped drive business performance with the customer by helping them articulate where they want to get to design a path to get them there and helped him hit those targets that they want to. The overall KPI, the specific business goals make them successful. The value we really see that we bring to the table with strategic services is to help with that overall vision, change management and to fill in areas that maybe the client’s less experience with that we can bring that knowledge and expertise to the business goal analysis and the performance gap analysis, really helping them to take advantage of the full suite that they bought from Axonify and make it successful in their organization. All right, thanks, Sarah! it’s time to claim that pole position. We’re ready when you are. See you on the podium.