Axonify Team Metrics

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Business priorities and strategies, product lines and promotions, regulatory and compliance requirements, all change almost daily so staying connected and on top of the way your teams are performing, they know or don’t know has never been more critical for organizational leaders. Axonify team metrics and Axonify compare provide business and learning leaders with real-time insights a key performance indicators and trends across multiple teams departments or locations, and the ability to compare or write them all in one spot. Leaders can instantly get the big picture, how frequently teams are participating in learning, how their knowledge is growing and whether or not they’re meeting compliance displayed against target levels, leaders can quickly see where teams are performing well and where they might need to step in to support front-line managers.

And when a problem is detected diving into the details is easy to understand teen trends month-over-month to spot negative performance before it becomes a problem, or quickly sort through the details to pinpoint teams that are struggling the most, jumping over to Axonify compare, leaders can get an overall team scorecard across all team metric KPIs quick comparisons will help you understand and act instantly Axonify team metrics and team compare empower L&D and business leaders with the strategic insights, to take the right action with the right team at the right time, to keep your people and your bottom line moving forward.