Customer-Impact Trailer

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I’m incredibly excited. I hope you are all as excited about this as we. This is going to positively impact our costumers. That science behind the learning, which are you guys are so unique that way. It’s always good to quantify what’s happening within your center and it’s also very difficult to do. It’s all been projection based on seasonal sales over past four or five years,  we’ve tried to link it back to training and return on investment but it just hasn’t worked.

For me, I think that the Impact is going to play a critical role, in how we move forward as a business. Something can tell me if you do this is what’s going to happen so you should probably do this, I think that would fit for most businesses especially when your customer-facing some of those decisions you make, whether they are financial are not, their customer impacting. So someone can help me figure out to make those right decisions and it’ll definitely be a great sale for our business. The accuracy with which we’ve been able to predict sales revenue and loss reduction or where incidents are going to happen so that we can prevent them.