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Oh man we could be here for a while. I want to start by saying I’m a complete believer. It’s easy to talk about a product that does so much for you. I’ve been looking for a solution like Axonify for the past 15 years. Using Axonify from an end-user perspective you know it’s a no-brainer. People love it. I fell in love with Axonify the first time I saw it. I think it is a learning solution that going to do incredibly well.

We have had Axonify since 2012 and I still think it’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made or been part of as a learning and development person. One of our biggest concerns is that people are not going to be able to pick it up because some may not be the most computer-savvy people. Axonify completely demolished that. I love the dashboards, particularly for the leaders. I think the amount of information that they provide and the way you can navigate the behaviors of the staff as a result of the power that the data has is really exciting. So many great aspects already of the platform and we’re not even using all of them yet we’re still building our platform and introducing different aspects to different parts of our organization.

With Axonify, they presented a whole new world of actually measuring where people are at and then building them up to the level they need to be and it’s set them apart from everyone else and it made it an easy sale. I just love the way that it brings everybody together and it fits our culture of having fun while at work, of course, we’re retail base so quick short bursts of training was definitely feeling as well. That’s really it’s the benefit of Axonify, giving the information on a short period of time and increasing efficiency that’s really all we can ask for in any training program. One of our real power users came to me and said he doesn’t get coffee in the morning the first thing he does is Axonify so okay great it’s working.

The support that we received with Axonify just so far exceeds every expectation that I and my company had. In other software companies, if you have a problem you will wait for a release like in a month or two months to fix it, and with Axonify most of the time we have had a problem we’ve had it fixed the same day. Your support system is probably what makes you as amazing as you are and why I think that you’ve grown so much so quickly is the people. So every time I have a question I can go to Derek I can go to Greg, we can check in and I can say,  “Hey listen I have a question.” In terms of overall strategy, I’d like to connect with JD. Adam George to Tracy O’Dayme Adrian, everyone that we’ve worked with and the folks that I’ve met here I feel like everyone’s just very sincerely like loves what they do and that makes a huge difference.

Axonify is so much different in that it’s a constant interaction about how you can do things better how you can support us I can help develop content. You really are invested in your customers and that makes me excited. Just thank you guys for being the team behind this little team. That’s interesting. I don’t know that I would add anything that’s not already in there. it has everything. It’s basically replacing my individual training I’m able to you know and we make a lot more money because of that. for us it’s being an absolute game-changer it’s changed the way that we do business phone number that’s a lot faster to market so for me it’s a solution that as an educator who’s being in the education business for 19 years I’ve been waiting for this.