Eyemart Express Video Case Study

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Gianna Venturi

Eyemart’s philosophy and our vision is to provide affordable eyewear to everybody. We have just over 200 stores, we’re opening two new stores a month on average. We are unique in our industry because we have a lab in every single one of our stores, where we’re able to make the glasses that you’ve ordered within 24 hours.

Justin Gaul

Getting someone into a frame with the right prescription is a complex process. It’s key that the knowledge that we pour into the associates develops them to take care of the customer.

Gianna Venturi

The training and the knowledge and the confidence that you give them is absolutely essential. And that’s one of the things we have to focus on when we’re bringing new associates in. We had all this training material, but it was in a paper format in a binder. I was looking for something that was a little more modern, a little more interactive, and something that was a lot quicker than what we had and that’s how I came across it.

Vicky Gonzalez

I could not imagine our store being without Axonify. Every day we open Axonify, and do our daily  training, makes it interesting and fun.

Dean Derline

Most of the training is done on the desktop in the store. But the cool thing is they’re able to utilize their own personal cell phones. And a lot of times they’ve already got the Axonify training done prior to coming into the store.

Justin Gaul

We can watch their progress through the platform and see when associate “A” is outstanding at a certain module. And at the same time, we can see where they need improvement.

Gianna Venturi

On average, we’ve been at about 90% participation. Because we have such high participation, any updates that we need to share about what’s going on in the stores or products, we share it in Axonify.

Our onboarding, ramp time reduced dramatically from 35 days before Axonify to 10 days after Axonify. That’s saving us thousands of dollars per person.

The only way we can provide the best customer experience is to provide the best employee experience internally. Our associates are happy and actually enjoy doing the work that they do. It shows in the way that they treat our customers. We’re very proud of that.