How to build a proactive culture of safety

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This is John. He’s in charge of safety and compliance.

John has succeeded in consistently reducing injury rates using traditional safety strategies like incident investigations, safety compliance training, and safety audits.

The problem is, results have leveled off and John is struggling to drive the continuous improvement needed to make safe behavior a habit.

Lucky for John, we can help him mitigate risk and increase profitability by identifying incorrect behaviors and knowledge gaps.

We are Axonify, and we’re helping Fortune 500 companies to reduce safety incidents and accidents, decrease line downtime, and improve yield and bottom-line growth.

On any device, from anywhere.

With Axonify, John has the tools to continuously reinforce the right behaviors, fill individual knowledge gaps, make training fun, fast and engaging, and measure business impact.

Are you able to identify and change unsafe behaviors and create a proactive culture of safety in your organization?

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