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Our industry is very complex mutual funds at one of the most highly regulated legal entities in the United States. We are multi-manager fun family, we have approximately 300 billion in assets, in a competitive industry and a very mature industry, operational losses headline news because of mature weaknesses in your controls can have an adverse effect, but even with the best design control system people really need to understand the operating policies and operating practices that we have. It’s not something that you can train someone wants on, it has to be reinforced continually not only at my level but also to my management team so that that message is never lost. The old way of doing things getting in a conference room and having somebody to sit up and talk for 30 minutes, I just don’t think is effective because you don’t really have engagement.

The Axonify system is different and that it’s a new way to think about how you learn, and we as managers now have output we see key metrics and it tells us whether or not there’s a coaching opportunity there. So we can zero in on where we have specific risks, at an employee level in a way in which you could never do in some of these other more traditional methods of learning. I’m personally within the tax field and as well as it in this industry, you really need to keep up with all the changes that are taking place. Using Axonify we are really able to take a change maybe in the tax code or tax laws and get that out to our group the next day so that they can just see it right away. It allows me and my team to take more ownership in the work that we do and feel more connected to the company. Employee knowledge is important because it does make us more competitive it keeps us on pace with the regulation it’s there and I like the fact that Axonify helps us continue that learning push that learning out to our individuals to mitigate that risk.

The Axonify system allows us to take in what we’re getting from the external environment and quickly turn that around in content. What I’m seeing you know how that goes and Financial Times of the Wall Street Journal or I’m seeing news flashes from you know CNBC or the New York Times I will go into those news flashes and look for industry-specific events and I’ll start thinking about how could this happen to us and get that put into the system. The Axonify system is extremely appealing to us because the continual answering of questions in grains someone’s mind, what’s the right responses are for behaviors in our environment and show the Axonify platform is needed, because we want to make sure that the content is tailored to the activities that they perform and by going into the system on a daily basis and answer questions that pertain to they roll their work and we get a comfort level as to whether they firmly understand. And then because of the dashboard capabilities we can see people participation levels, we can see the knowledge capture and it’s fun too, I mean that’s another aspect to our culture we’ve used a gamification feature on Axonify to not make this feel like homework, we feel that created engagement with the staff and they actually enjoy participating in the system and actually we can see that through our results.

When seeing an average of 14% across the department on knowledge lift and then within specific departments with actually seen that knowledge left expand well beyond 40%, and I’m proud to say that we have a very high participation level in our department. I believe it’s about 89%, we’ve seen staff who are our top performers are also some of the biggest users of the Axonify platform, so that correlation is very high and I think it’s extremely important, and I honestly believe that as a result of the Axonify platform, it’s been a key component in helping us keep our risks to a very manageable level.