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The award-winning Axonify microlearning platform is revolutionizing workplace learning, creating high-performing employees and delivering a direct and measurable impact to your bottom line.

How do we do it? Well, we start by recognizing that old learning modalities and systems rooted in an academic teaching model just don’t work at a corporate setting, because your people are employees who need to perform, not students who need to be taught. On top of that, we also know that the human brain just isn’t designed to retain information when it’s received a tsunami-style. For decades, we’ve been pushing out learning to employees in a way that just doesn’t work, any way you slice it.

So, instead of pushing out long one and done one-size-fits-all training, Axonify combines brain science, adaptive microlearning and gamification to deliver short burst of training tailored to each employee. I’ll get to what the Axonify learning experience looks like in just a moment.

Let’s talk a bit more about the brain science I mentioned earlier. Thanks to foundational cognitive psychology research from these guys, we know more about how the brain learns than ever before. Basically, the science tells us that our brains to learn best when information is short, spaced out over time and actively tested. So, Axonify incorporates three proven cognitive principles that do just that.

The first principle is called the spacing effect and it’s essentially the opposite of cramming. The brain’s natural forgetting curve shows us that 30 days following a training event, we can only recall less than 10%. The spacing effect focuses on repeating information over time, while making sure there are specific intervals between each repetition. So as the brain naturally starts to forget a critical piece of information, Axonify intelligently serves it up again to ensure it sticks.

The second principle is called retrieval practice. It tests if the employee can remember what they learned by serving up information in the form of questions in increasing levels of difficulty. Questions force the brain to actively reflect on the material to retrieve the answers, which is far more challenging for the brain versus rereading. It creates deeper memory traces and enhanced long-term retention. In fact, research shows that retrieval practices can increase memory retention up to 30%.

Finally, Axonify uses confidence-based assessment to distinguish between what employees think they know, versus what they actually know, by asking them to write their confidence in their answers. Research shows that both knowledge and confidence in that knowledge are required for people to act quickly confidently and reliably on the job.

These three brain science techniques power the Axonify adaptive microlearning engine. It constructs a living knowledge map for each employee, then it automatically adapts learning in real time, delivering short, personalized gamified training in 3 to 5 minutes a day, based on what they know or don’t know. And it’s all tied back to what your business needs them to know to perform on the job.

Okay, now that you have a bit of background on the brain science and the powerful learning algorithm under the Axonify hood, let me show you what the Axonify experience looks like for employees.

When I log onto Axonify, I’m greeted by my coach. During my learning experience today I could earn up the 12 Reward Points. But more about those later. Yesterday, I had an introductory training on something new. Tomorrow, I might have a compliance training or a quick refresher. Axonify serves up the right mix of videos, scores, questions and more depending on what I need to learn on any given day.

Today, Axonify is taking me on a ride into my daily reinforcement questions. By the way, Axonify daily learning can be accessed through any screen on virtually any web-enabled device. Oh, looks like there’s a message from my CEO. Because it’s important Axonify make sure I watch the message before I can proceed with my daily training. Sounds like we rocked the quarter! All right, let’s keep going.

To keep me engaged and motivated, Axonify presents me with the option to select a game. There’s everything from arcade style games to brain teasers, all designed to put my brain in a state of flow and ready for learning transfer. The games are short and fun but I can easily skip and go right to the learning.

I’m going to play Color Fill. I can challenge another team or colleague to play against me to make it a bit more interesting. I think I’ll challenge Connor for a chance of some extra points. As I progress through the game, I’ll hit question marks that trigger my training. The questions that appear are based on the brain science principles I talked about earlier. Highly personalized and adapted just for me. My first question is multiple choice. I select an answer and I also assess my confidence in that answer.

I’m not 100% sure about this one… Alright, my correct answer gets me a thumbs up for my coach and four reward points. A few minutes and a few questions later I’m done with my training for the day. Now, Axonify takes me to my personal hub. From here I can see how many reward points I have earned, topics I’ve graduated, my question history, strengths and weaknesses and how my knowledge is growing. I can also see what events I can attend to take extra training and more.

But let’s check out my favorite part. Here’s where I can use my hard earned reward points. It’s another one of the dozens of game mechanics filled right into Axonify, that keeps me coming back every day. Today I think I’ll get Starbucks. And another helpful Axonify feature, if ever I have a question or need any other resource to help me on the job. I can find it in seconds. I can even share my own expertise with other people on my team, so that our collective knowledge expands.

And the best part for leaders and managers, it’s simple for them to see how knowledge is growing, teams are performing, like who’s an expert, who needs coaching, who’s not in compliance, and even whether they’re demonstrating the right behaviors on the job. Never before have business leaders and frontline managers had this type of actionable learning analytics right at their fingertips. Axonify is truly signaling a revolution and workplace learning that is focused on helping the world’s most progressive organizations, drive employee performance and bottom-line results in just a few minutes a day.

Say farewell to wasted learning and hello to a smarter, more capable workforce.