Onboardingwith Axonify

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You invest a lot of time and resources into every new hire. So why not offer an engaging onboarding experience that gets them up to speed faster, and staying with you longer? With Axonify you can make every new employee feel confident in their role sooner by focusing on the things they need to know to start doing their job well, then building on that knowledge, every shift, right in the flow of work.

Let’s take a look at how it works.

This is Alex. He just joined Athlete Apparel as a full time associate in their footwear department. He’s a little nervous about starting a new job, but also excited for the opportunity to be successful in his new role. When he logs in to Axonify to begin his introductory training, it’s easy for him to see where to start, what he’ll need to complete and what to do next. His onboarding is focused on the things that will help him get up to speed faster. It also makes sure he completes the most important activities first before he can move on to other items. So he stays on track while he builds his confidence.

Reporting makes it easy for Alex’s manager, Vanya, to track his progress. With a clear view of how Alex’s onboarding is progressing, she knows exactly when to step in to support him. Plus, Vanya can feel super confident that Alex will continue to do his best work long after he’s onboarded. Because, with Axonify, the learning doesn’t stop. Alex will keep receiving 3-5 minutes of highly engaging training and communication every shift, so the learning really sticks.

If you want new hires to stick around, it pays to give them everything they need to succeed in their new role from day one. So make sure you start them off strong, and then keep a good thing going, with Axonify.