Reskilling & Upskilling with Axonify

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Building frontline skills that matter today and tomorrow.

Skill development is a balancing act for a frontline employee.

First, they have to stay focused on today’s biggest priorities, like safety, sales, efficiency and customer service.

“89% of frontline employees want training that’s personalized and relevant to their everyday jobs.” – Ipsos 2019 State of Frontline Workplace Training

They also need to look ahead and develop skills that will help them grow into their next roles.

“76% of frontline employees say the opportunity to prepare for more senior rolese or new jobs makes an employer more attractive.” – Ipsos 2019 State of Frontline Workplace Training

With limited free time in the frontline workday, this balance can be hard.

Today’s priorities often overcome tomorrow’s opportunities.

Restore the balance by adopting modern frontline learning tactics including…

Daily Training: easily fit 3 to 5 minutes of focused training into an already busy frontline workday.

Adaptive Learning: provide training at the right time to develop both current and future-focused skills.

Coaching: provide managers with actionable data to highlight frontline skill gaps and elevate expertise.

Balancing today’s priorities with tomorrow’s opportunities will prepare your frontline employees to do their best work every day.