SAP SuccessFactors + Axonify Introductory Video

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Axonify and SAP have partnered to bring Axonify’s powerful microlearning experience directly into the SAP SuccessFactors environment.

The result… a SUPER POWERED learning ecosystem built for the future.

A future where you’re able to reach your frontline workforce like never before, in a way that was purpose built for them—mobile, fun, fast, easy-to-use, and woven into their daily workflow.

A future where all of the great learning that happens within SuccessFactors (or in the classroom for that matter) is reinforced through Axonify and retained because only Axonify has the secret sauce (and science) for making learning stick.

A future where you’ll finally be able to measure the impact of learning with the power of big data and machine learning capabilities.

Just imagine a time when leaders across your business will finally start to see L&D as more of a partner—one that can truly help impact the performance of their people and one that is now equipped to move at the speed of business.

New product features, new risks to their business, new regulations—whatever it may be, can now be delivered to learners not in weeks, not in days… but in minutes.

But here’s the thing… the future is NOW… you can start reaping the benefits of microlearning quickly and without disruption today.

Integration is seamless—no code required.

By combining SAP SuccessFactors and Axonify, employees across your enterprise will receive the training they need to perform, grow and collectively become the workforce of the future.

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To learn more about Axonify + SAP SuccessFactors, check out or go to the SAP app store at and search for Axonify.