Staying on top of your corporate content allows you to determine if it inspires your staff and provides them with thought-provoking, knowledge-based concepts that move your overall company forward. If the content doesn’t do this, then it could be costing your company money. Executives who do stay on top of their corporate learning content can become more aware of the role that it plays in their company’s learning environment while monitoring its effectiveness and measuring its outcome.


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What Is Corporate Learning?


You may be asking, “What is corporate learning?” Corporate learning involves ongoing knowledge growth in the workplace. It allows employees to learn updated, relevant information to enhance their current skill sets so they can do their jobs better. Corporate learning also allows employees to obtain sufficient knowledge about what actions they should take when various work-related situations occur.

Corporate learning is designed to be consistent and aligned with the company’s goals and desired outcomes. The benefit is that it allows employees to become more engaged and empowers them to make the best decisions possible when addressing problems in the workplace as they occur.

Why Corporate Learning Works


Corporate learning works because it’s tailor-made specifically for your staff and based on how you run your business. It also helps build employee retention. With the growing demands for learning content and access to more e-learning options, many corporations are making the shift by implementing corporate learning content to better meet the needs of their employees. This new way of presenting content is helping them enhance their current skill sets. The following are some of the latest corporate learning trends:

1. Microlearning

Microlearning has recently emerged and become a trend in corporate learning. It consists of short chunks of well-focused topics that address specific learning objectives. They are usually available in three- to five-minute modules aimed at increasing the retention without taking employees away from their regular job duties.

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2. On-Demand Video Learning

Video learning is another growing trend that has captured the attention of employees who are eager to learn more information about a specific topic. In fact, in a recent study, it has been determined that training courses comprised of videos have a 51 percent completion rate over those without the use of videos. Most of these videos are on-demand or can be purchased from various sources.

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3. Gamification

Gamification is another corporate trend that is also at the forefront. It is designed to offer incentives via awards, certifications and other avenues that encourage employees to complete their learning assignments. They are competitive in nature and include leaderboards, point systems, quizzes and other time challenges designed to stimulate training and overall employee knowledge growth and engagement.

Companies in the U.S. spend well over $70 billion on corporate training each year, most of which does not work. Learning content that further engages your employees’ thinking toward obtaining knowledge on an ongoing basis allows your staff to stay relevant and grow as your company grows. Corporate content that is specifically designed for your company’s goals and outcomes will not only create a learning environment for your staff but also allow them to implement what they’ve learned immediately on the job.

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Why You Need Our Help


There is a massive amount of content currently competing for your employees’ attention. Employees who are self-motivated may be inclined to obtain learning information on their own.

However, the learning content may not help you with your bottom line. Why? It might be because it is not goal-oriented or specifically tailored to suit your company’s outcomes. We allow your company to:

  • Solve specific challenges that it faces
  • Build a more intelligent workforce that contributes to your company’s bottom line on a daily basis
  • Ensure your employees know exactly what to do and feel confident about taking the right actions each and every time

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