Our microlearning platform can help with generational training in the workplace. Our mobile app allows employees to take short bursts of training anytime and anywhere in three to five minutes a day. Besides this, the training content adapts automatically to what an employee does or doesn’t know, giving the user a personalized learning experience that engages and entertains them while teaching them what they’ll need to know to perform their job duties. Download our modernizing corporate learning guide to get started.

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The differences between millennials, Gen Xers,
and baby boomers

You hear it all the time: older generations complaining about millennials and the way they bounce
around from place to place, from one opportunity to the next without a care.


While this is partially true, the whole truth is that millennials thrive on excitement and gratification.

This is a generation that has grown up with the world at their fingertips.

Information is fed to them in small bits and pieces through the internet, which makes it easy for them to bounce from one thing to another while constantly learning along the way.


Because information is so immediately available through the internet, millennials don’t have the patience to learn in a traditional way that involves long lectures or courses that just overwhelm the brain.

So, how do you perform generational learning in the workplace that will engage all generations of employees?



Engaging All Generations in Learning

Even though the older generations are not used to learning the same way as millennials, the reality is that all workers are tired of the same old approaches to training. The workplace has changed and no one has the patience or the time to sit through one-size-fits-all training courses anymore that take them away from their job duties. Besides this, we’ve learned more about how the brain works. Lengthy training sessions just overwhelm the brain and when the information isn’t reinforced afterwards, employees just forget it most of it anyway.

These days, older generations are just as heavily involved with the internet culture as the younger generations. Eighty-year-old grandmothers now have Facebook accounts, and parents in their 60s are playing games on their devices. It’s no longer a novelty to carry a cell phone. More people do than don’t – in every generation.

Multigenerational workforces can easily adapt to our microlearning app because it mimics the technology they use in their everyday lives. With its short, interactive lessons and games that both entertain and engage, users retain the knowledge more easily and can learn at their own pace. Our software makes generational training in the workplace fun and inviting, ensuring employees look forward to training instead of wanting to sleep through it.

Change the Way You Look at Training


The days of intensive, boring training are over. It used to be that in order to train employees, they needed to spend days in onboarding sessions. But in today’s time-crunched world, this type of generational training doesn’t make sense. With our microlearning platform, employees learn little bits of information each day instead of having to spend days or weeks in a classroom. Employees of every generation will learn through the training lessons and games and will retain the content because it was introduced in a fun, engaging fashion in short bursts that don’t require long hours of listening and note-taking. This means you’ll have employees who are better-trained to begin with while saving time and payroll spent on supervisors doing the training.

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