What Needs to Change?


As the saying (often misattributed to Albert Einstein) goes, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” If we know that general teaching methods don’t work in corporations, it is wise for us to make changes so that the type of training and development strategies used are effective. Thankfully, there is an award-winning microlearning platform that is truly revolutionary, and it has been proven to greatly improve employee performance.

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Training and Development in a Microlearning Platform


A microlearning platform is an innovative way of teaching employees. This is a strategy that completely breaks the traditional training mold because it uses a combination of technology and proven science-based learning methods to train.


Research has shown that our brains learn well when information is spaced out, presented in short segments, and actively tested. When information is presented in repeated intervals, the brain has a tendency not to forget the information. Apart from that, we are able to create neuroplasticity in our brains when we create channels that modify our habits and practices. Positive neuroplasticity means that our brains are able to retain information in our long-term memory.


An effective microlearning platform uses brain science, adaptive learning, and gamification techniques to train employees.

This ensures employees better remember information and can apply it on the job.


The Need for Effective Training and Development


What is training and development if it does not improve employee performance? In reality, without an improved ROI, there is no reason to provide employee training. Our microlearning platform does not only teach employees, but it teaches them in a way that helps them to retain and use the information to improve their work performance. This is a platform that is tailored to fit the needs of each and every employee. It is a way for employees to learn in just three to five minutes a day. When an employee learns in short bursts or information over time, it has a positive effect on their short-term and long-term memory.

Our microlearning platform allows employees to use any internet-connected device to learn. Employees use this platform to check in every day, and they can do this training in just a few minutes. Apart from training, employees are able to play fun games that keep their brains in a state that is ready for learning. This way of training improves employees’ performance levels, and it enables them to feel capable and efficient in the workplace.

What Is Training and Development to Your Team?


If you are a business leader in a corporation, consider investigating this amazing e-learning platform for your team. This platform will enable your employees to build knowledge, retain information, and generate significant results for your company. It’s a fantastic model for retail, safety, sales, call centers, and more. This microlearning technology will enable your employees to work in a way that is efficient, and it can greatly improve their performance.


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