Millennial Work Styles


How do millennials’ work styles differ from those of previous generations? The biggest difference is how millennials take in information. In previous eras, it was understood that researching a project or proposal could be a week-long task. For millennials, research that might have taken a whole week can now take less than one workday. This is because millennials are hyper-proficient in tech and have a firm grasp on researching things quickly without cutting corners.

What Are Millennials’ Challenges and Shortcomings?

It’s true that millennials have an aversion to long workdays.


However, this isn’t because they’re lazy. Instead, millennials prefer to spend minimal hours at the office or in lengthy training sessions, rather opting to use telecommunication platforms and bite-sized learning to get their work done and master crucial new information.


Instead of trying to acclimate millennials to outdated forms of training, consider how you can adapt to millennials’ learning styles and methods of productivity.


How to Teach the Millennial Generation


Millennials gravitate toward tech and prefer to accomplish tasks quickly rather than spending a laborious amount of time on one subject. This is why a microlearning platform is so advantageous for employers who want to present new information to their millennial workforce while keeping them engaged and inspired. A microlearning platform presents information to the user in short bursts. This is a far cry from traditional training platforms where users were forced to sit through hours of being bombarded with information. Instead of teaching your employees everything they need to know in one day, these daily bite-sized lessons allow you to teach them crucial information while holding their interest. Your millennial employees prefer this manner of learning, as it aligns with their fast-paced research style and passion for tech. It’s also proven to increase learning retention by a wide margin.

What Are Millennials Going to Need Going Forward?


Millennials move at a fast pace and prefer bite-sized learning, but don’t think that they want to get their work done and go home. Millennials have a strong sense of community and want work to be a social experience. Emphasize team-building and use this love of camaraderie to your advantage. Turn learning into a game that allows millennials to participate with and compete against their co-workers. When it comes to training, a microlearning platform is the best way to approach teaching millennials.


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