Your customer service staff must respond, react, pacify, and sell every day. It’s your job to make sure they have workable tools to do their jobs successfully. Research shows that daylong seminars simply overwhelm participants with information. People cannot absorb every single detail from lectures. They cannot retain the data from workbooks. Most significantly, they cannot effectively put what they’ve tried to learn to work in their daily duties. The bottom line is that this type of customer service training doesn’t work.

It’s time for a fresh idea. Our innovative microlearning platform breaks the paradigm. By providing small, relevant chunks of information to your customer service representatives on a regular basis, via any device that is connected to the internet, employees are proven to remember, learn and apply key information in their daily tasks.

Our system keeps track of the information individual employees know and don’t know so that the next training session is tailored to their individual needs. If an employee learns quickly, more complex information is introduced. If an employee needs extra help, they review the same content until they fully understand and remember it. In both cases, the system also continues to reinforce what they know over time so they build on their knowledge and don’t forget what they learned previously.

Another benefit is that the system also serves up different content based on employees’ responsibilities and what they must learn to do their jobs more effectively. Our clients report a high voluntary training participation rate with our microlearning platform. Why? It’s easy to use on any device, it’s quick, and best of all, it’s fun. Many of our lessons incorporate gamification tactics (like game play, leaderboards and rewards) to encourage further participation in learning. You’ll find that your customer service representatives want to learn a skill and compete with their colleagues in a challenging and educational environment. If you’d like to know more, read our MCAP case study.

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What Is Good Customer Service?


Anyone who has called a customer service line can probably answer that question. Good customer service means that representatives know the right answer to your question, have the power to resolve your problem, and can access whatever they need to serve you quickly and efficiently.

In reality, customer service representatives sit on the front lines of an organization.

Nearly every single interaction involves a customer who needs something, has a question, or is dissatisfied. Depending on the complexity of the company’s products and services, this can be a daunting position.

Provide customer service representative training that will boost your team’s confidence. Our microlearning platform teaches employees what they need to know to provide top-notch customer service. Each and every lesson will instill a relevant piece of information that will ease your customer representatives’ jobs. Key points and important data repeat to ensure that retention occurs. What does this mean? It means employees remember what they’re supposed to. It means effective customer service training. It means confident, happy customer representatives who feel like knowledgeable, empowered, and valued members of a company. Most importantly, it means satisfied clients who will see your organization as a competent and trustworthy partner for their business.


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