The Fundamentals of Microlearning


In essence, microlearning involves breaking up content into short chunks to help employees learn and remember it more effectively. It also includes techniques like gamification and other memory retention strategies that are specifically designed to help improve employees’ ability to remember and apply information on the job. Microlearning has the potential to revolutionize on-the-job training and transform the ways your employees absorb the information that’s presented to them. Not only are employees presented with information in a way that grows with them over time, but they’re also given the opportunity to learn in short bursts that could aid in retention without taking a large chunk of time away from their day.

The Future of On The Job Training


Past generations of trainers have had little choice but to ram large portions of information into the minds of trainees and current employees as quickly as possible. Training was a long, arduous process that took the trainers away from their other job duties and left them struggling to get everything done. Not only that, but employees had difficulty remembering large quantities of new information all at once. That’s because we now know, the brain can only handle small amounts of information at one time and that when information is not reinforced over time, we simply forget it. With microlearning, this is now a thing of the past. Instead of asking, “What is OJT,” you’ll find yourself wondering, “What are the benefits on-the-job training with microlearning?” They include:

  • Better information retention
  • Less time removed from the trainer’s and employee’s day since information is delivered in three- to five-minute segments anytime and anywhere the employee has access to an internet-connected device
  • Adaptive content that changes automatically as the employee’s understanding of the content improves


On-the-Job Training Transformed


Past on-the-job training programs focused on long-form training sessions. Employees were forced to take notes, keep books or access to programs, and hope they were able to keep up with the trainer’s pace. Even online training options left employees struggling to absorb all the information they needed because they were delivered in long courses that were never revisited afterwards. Not so with Axonify’s microlearning platform. This platform provides information at a speed that employees are able to easily take it in. Through games that access specific centers of the brain related to these types of learning and knowledge, employees are able to better absorb the information and proceed at a pace that works for them. The platform grows along with the employee, providing them with access to new information only when the past information has been absorbed.

Reap the Benefits of Microlearning

Transforming your employee training can happen with the installation of a simple platform dedicated to providing them with the structure and knowledge they need. Wondering more about the answer to the question, “What is OJT?” If you want to learn more about the benefits of microlearning, read the ebook and check out how you can permanently transform your employee training programs for the better.

Everything you need to know about microlearning