The Benefits of Microlearning for Training

With an approach like this, training is no longer a burden or an afterthought. Instead, its accessible format makes it something that employees choose to do willingly. From leaders to new hires, everyone on your team can use this platform and have it make a difference in the work that they do. Traditional learning management systems encourage participants to memorize information long enough to pass a test and then forget it. Axonify is built on a principle of regular learning and reinforcement so that information stays readily accessible in an employee’s mind. As participants move through our gamified system, they are encouraged to put effort into the act of recalling. When employees practice retrieving critical knowledge during game play, this puts the mind in a state of flow so they are better-equipped to focus on what they are learning. Focusing on learning and remembering small amounts of information at a time also allows employees to be able to better call on that knowledge during the on-the-job instances in which it really matters. Therefore, Axonify prepares your team to improve your company’s bottom line.

This Software Was Built With Business in Minds


So, what’s the problem with traditional learning management software platforms? To put it simply, they weren’t built for business. Rather, these platforms were designed for educational settings. Then, they were transferred over to the business setting. It sounds reasonable, in theory, to take a platform that was built for one type of learning and apply it to learning in the workforce. However, schools and corporations don’t operate in the same way. Employees can’t spend all their time on education and training, or they’ll never have time for their main responsibilities.


Axonify’s microlearning platform delivers content in short segments that are easy to squeeze in among all of a worker’s other responsibilities. Not only does training come in bite-sized bits, but it is accessible on mobile devices. On-the-go workers need not be tied to a desk to receive the learning and development that will advance their skills. This type of training program software builds on what a person already knows and targets areas that need further development so that time is well-spent on the learning that an individual actually needs rather than wasted on a generalized course of study.



Top-Notch Programs Include Training Tracking Software

As a leader, you not only want to be able to trust that your microlearning platform is delivering the right content to your team, but you also want to receive a clear picture of what they’ve learned and how it is making an actual difference in your company. For that, you need training tracking software that will deliver meaningful analytics about your team’s progress. Traditional learning management software delivers basic information about what courses employees have taken and what scores they achieved on them. Such an approach lacks forward thinking; it reflects only what boxes an employee has checked off—and subsequently, moved on from. Without a clear picture of what happens when the module is over, employee development programs don’t do much good.

Axonify Has the Solution


Axonify’s tailor-made platforms place metrics that matter into the hands of your leadership. Instead of getting a report on how much your team learned in order to ace a test, you can access reports on how much they currently remember for use on the job. You can also see how that information sticks with them over the long haul whether that’s weeks or years from now.


Do you want to turn your company toward training platforms that really deliver?