Your blueprint for building a resilient frontline workforce

While you’re working hard to keep your frontline employees safe and productive through the pandemic, you also need to be thinking about how to prepare them for what comes next. We’ve got your back. Watch our curated playlists, with short, easy-to-watch videos on how to make sense of it all.

What will be covered?

  • Explore ideas for preparing your frontline workforce for the post-crisis workplace
  • Dig deep into relevant topics including resilience, restoration and change management
  • Get a blueprint for operating (and continuously adapting) within your next normal

Who should watch?

Operations, human resources and learning professionals tasked with rapidly building their own frontline resilience strategies.

How do I find the right playlist for me?

Each playlist will focus on a specific theme—Normalize, Restore or Shift—based on how the pandemic has impacted your business. Follow the links below to watch the playlist that meets your business where you are.

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