Frontline success stories from the COVID-19 pandemic

It’s never been more clear that your frontline workforce is your competitive advantage. Read on to hear how leading businesses keep their frontlines informed, engaged and safe during the ongoing pandemic. And sign up for our newsletter for more stories every two weeks.

Aston moss headshot

“Our people have responded. They've done more learning, and they've used the materials on the platform to help them stay safe and well.”

- Aston Moss, General Manager, HR, Briscoe Group

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Theresa Zawlocki

“We’ve used [Axonify] to stay connected with all our associates across the entire state by sharing important information, inspirational quotes and videos.”

- Theresa Zawlocki, Associate Development Director at Festival Foods

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evan parkes headshot

“The level of empathy managers have to have is different today. The frontline is looking for their managers to support them and protect them.”

- Evan Parkes, Grocery Expert, Axonify

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edwin frizzell

“I need to create an environment where everyone can have the conversations they feel they need to have in this unprecedented and difficult time.”

- Edwin Frizzell, General Manager, Fairmont Royal York

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unknown headshot blue

“It's been really important for us during this time to make sure people are staying up to date and not losing that knowledge.”

- L&D leader at a mid-size US Retailer

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gabor mozga

“People were hungry for information. We had a way to get it to them, we just had to implement it. And we weren't going to let anything stop us—not even a pandemic.”

- Gábor Mozga, Head of Group Retail Operation and Execution Excellence, MOL Group

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