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The State of the Frontline Work Experience in 2021

How’s the frontline doing? This is the question we set out to answer with our fifth annual frontline research report.

Why traditional training doesn’t work for frontline employees

Find out what frontline employees actually need from their training.

Building a resilient frontline workforce: your action plan

Use this action plan to make sure your frontline is ready for whatever comes next.

The ultimate guide to frontline training

Find out how to redesign your training so it balances employee development needs with the priorities and performance of your business.

LMS vs. LXP—which one's right for you?

With more than 800 vendors on the market, figuring out which learning technology to invest in can feel daunting. We’re here to help.

The 80 Percent - Episode 2: Frontline Disrupted

In episode 2 of The 80 Percent, we tell the story of three people who have suddenly found themselves on the frontline in new jobs.

Axonify frontline learning solution

See how Axonify can make a meaningful difference from the frontline and learning leaders all the way to C suite.

Get an up-close look at frontline-first learning and communications.

Product Tour

Help Wanted: How food retailers can navigate a labor maelstrom

Two of North America’s most successful regional grocery chains have been making the kinds of investments in labor, training and development that are poised to pay big dividends during this unprecedented time for grocery labor.

Festival Foods video case study

Festival Foods shares how engaging its entire workforce drove better customer service, resulting in higher OSAT scores for the first time in 2 years.

Building a resilient grocery frontline workforce: your action plan

Grocery has changed. The way you support your frontline workforce should too. Use this action plan to help you build a resilient frontline grocery workforce.

Content made just for grocery

Peek inside our Grocery Essentials Library to see all of the content you’ll gain access to on day one.

Axonify in grocery

Hear first-hand from leading grocers on how they’re finding success in a quickly changing landscape and addressing common challenges facing the grocery industry.

Give your associates the support they need to perform their best, through mobile-friendly, personalized training sessions they’ll love.

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How Briscoe Group maintained frontline resilience during a lockdown

Read more to hear how New Zealand based retailer, Briscoe Group supported their frontline through COVID-19. 

Eyemart Express video case study

Watch how this retailer saves thousands of dollars by dramatically reducing onboarding time and keeping associates engaged.

Building a resilient frontline workforce for the retail revival: your action plan

We’ve pulled together this action plan to help you build a resilient frontline retail workforce.

Internal communications in retail infographic

See how a modern approach to internal communications gives you confidence that associates receive messages exactly as intended and puts them in a better position to serve customers in a way that keeps them coming back for more.

Building a frontline that's ready for anything

Find out the 5 benefits of evolving your frontline communications and training.

How to prove that training actually works

Learn how to finally measure how your retail training programs are impacting your business results.

How the right communications and training address common business problems

See how solving the same-old problems associated with traditional communications and training lets frontline employees do their best work every day.

Why frontline employees are critical to your business

O’Reilly Auto Parts’ Senior VP of HR and Training shares how they’ve decreased turnover by 2.5% per month and why the frontline is a driving force in impacting the bottom line.

Our retail essentials library is filled with hundreds of topics to help your associates deliver a consistent, standout customer experience.

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3 key strategies to re-imagine agent onboarding

In this webinar, we’ll give you 3 key principles that call center leaders, including BT Consumer, the UK’s largest provider of broadband services, are applying to their business to improve results.

Continuous learning in an age of continuous turnover

Agent development doesn’t end after the first 60 days. Your training support shouldn’t either. So what’s the right approach? Keep reading to find out.

Customer stories

Read the real-life stories of organizations who are thrilled to have a training and communications solution that actually works with the way their frontline works.

BT case study

Find out how BT improved customer satisfaction while significantly reducing onboarding time, repeat customer calls & call-handling time.

Innovative training for the contact center

Frontline agents are under pressure to perform in a role that has become increasingly challenging due to more complex products & services, constantly updating information, & an informed customer base.

Content made just for contact center

Peek inside our Contact Center Essentials Library to see all of the content you’ll gain access to on day one.

MCAP case study

Discover how Axonify is helping MCAP create knowledgeable and confident call center reps whose exceptional service keeps clients coming back.

Get an up-close look at training that creates confident contact center agents. 

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Your frontline employees are the lifeblood of your business

The choices they make every day can make or break your success. That’s where Axonify comes in. It’s the microlearning platform your people use for 3-5 minutes a day so that, when it’s time to act, they know just what to do for the good of your business.

The 80 Percent Podcast - Episode 9: Sustaining Frontline Resilience

“Resilience” is the official buzzword of 2020 – just outpacing “unprecedented.” We’re all doing our best to keep moving forward as we face an uncertain

Adaptive learning: Five common misconceptions

Set the record straight on adaptive learning with his article that unpacks five common misconceptions.

Daily reinforcement with Axonify

Discover how daily reinforcement training with Axonify helps employees remember more of the top things you need them to know.

Axonify: Powered by brain science

Axonify incorporates three proven brain science techniques to make sure the learning actually sticks.

Axonify Discover

Get built-in performance support that connects your workforce to the help they need—exactly when they need it.

Axonify Behaviors

Collect and track frontline employees’ on-the-job behaviors with technology seamlessly integrated directly into the Axonify learning platform.

Build frontline performance your competitors will covet. 

Discover how

Why better onboarding is the best retention strategy

Understand the true cost of high retail associate turnover and how a smarter approach to onboarding can stop the bleed and save you money.

3 ways your onboarding isn’t setting seasonal hires up for success

Getting seasonal talent up to speed quickly, in a way that makes them confident and productive out on the floor, is critical to a successful holiday season.

Onboarding with Axonify

See how onboarding with Axonify starts employees off strong then keeps a good thing going for as long as they are with your organization.

Episode 14: Frontline Leadership at Disney with Dan Cockerell

How does a dynamic company with hundreds of thousands of frontline employees manage to execute so consistently for so long? Is it magic? Or is it something much more practical that you can apply within your business?

Episode 13: The Future of Frontline Work with Heather E. McGowan

JD sits down with Heather McGowan, internationally-recognized speaker, author and future of work strategist, to explore the importance of taking a people-first approach to workplace evolution and why it’s essential for businesses to put the frontline first.

How to get onboarding right: The 7 C's for success

Join David Perring of Fosway Group, and Jasha Fletcher, Head of Learning Architecture and Design, BT, as they uncover the secrets of onboarding success.

How can you improve the onboarding experience?

22% of employee turnover happens within the first 45 days on the job. See how the right onboarding can set your new hires up for long-term success.

Onboard your frontline faster and smarter.

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The 80 Percent - Episode 7: The Secrets of Frontline Engagement

How can you get employees to voluntarily engage in training – product, service, safety, compliance – without having to chase them down?

Axonify Gamification

From the questions that pop out of game play, to the leaderboards that celebrate success and provide motivation, to the coaches that offer feedback along the way, Axonify’s gamification techniques are designed to do one thing: make learning highly engaging and effective.

Maria Ornelas from Northgate Gonzalez Market

Supervisor at Northgate Markets shares the measurable improvements and other changes she’s seen over the last four years.

83% engagement…but how?!?!

83% of Axonify users access the learning platform 2 to 3 times per week. In a world where most learning technologies see 10-15% engagement, that’s a really big number.

Make training irresistible for your frontline people.

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Frontline communications: Old way vs new way

See how a modern approach to internal communications gives you confidence that frontline employees receive messages exactly as intended—so they can better support your customers and your company.

Communication with Axonify

Discover how easy it is to deliver consistent communications to your entire frontline workforce, right in the training solution they use every day–no email address required.

Axonify Communication

Without direct access to your workforce, communicating critical information can become a game of broken telephone, putting your employees at risk of missing important updates. With the Axonify platform, you can connect with your entire frontline and keep them moving in the same direction.

Festival Foods video case study

Festival Foods shares how engaging its entire workforce drove better customer service, resulting in higher OSAT scores for the first time in 2 years.

Communicate with your frontline staff in the moments that matter—no email required. 

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How to definitively prove that training impacts business results

Discover how you can start measuring the true impact of training.

The true business impact of frontline employee training

We can finally know–in real time and at scale–how and where training is impacting the business beyond completion rates and test scores. You’ll find all the data and insights in the pages of this detailed synopsis.

Axonify Impact

Close the loop on learning measurement by definitively tying knowledge to behaviors and business results. You can finally know, in real time and at scale, how and where training is impacting the business beyond completion rates and test scores.

Bloomingdale's proves training saved $3 million in 1 year

Bloomingdale’s uses microlearning, big data, and machine learning to prove training saved $3 million in 1 year.

Go beyond completion rates and test scores to know how and where training is impacting your business.

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Improving the compliance training experience

Compliance training isn’t going away. Get ideas for improving the compliance training experience so it doesn’t negatively impact people’s perspective on workplace learning and waste so much time and effort.

Regulation is coming: How to maintain compliance on the frontline

A modern approach to compliance training isn’t just about checking boxes. Yes, you still need to check the boxes. But you also need to mitigate real risks to your business and help employees make real-world decisions that will keep themselves and your customers safe.

4 solutions to your compliance training problem

If you can’t avoid compliance training, the only option is to get better at it. Here are 4 proven tactics to help you get value and engagement from your frontline compliance training.

Walmart case study

Read how Walmart Logistics has achieved stunning safety results by building employee knowledge and tying it to the job.

Take the stress out of compliance training.

See how

Build operational agility with rapid cross-training

Cross-training is far from a new topic in workplace learning. If employees can only complete limited tasks, you’re heavily restricted in how you run your business. However, if your employees can move seamlessly between roles, then you have considerably more agility in how you function day to day.

New learning technologies drive reskilling initiatives

Countless organizations are retraining to keep their workers’ skills current in the digital age. Many are turning to new digital learning technologies to help employees acquire skills in ways.

Companies aren't training employees for the future

HR Dive breaks down the research from the recent State of Frontline Workplace Training Study we conducted with Ipsos.

Episode 8: The Realities of Reskilling

Reskilling. Is it more than just a buzzword? How do organizations have to change so they can reskill their employees faster? And how can a renewed focus on frontline reskilling help companies overcome unprecedented disruption?

Help your frontline do their jobs well today while preparing them for whatever comes next.

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Axonify Overview

See why we say Axonify is the modern learning solution for frontline employees that actually works.

Axonify Micro-content

Whether you’ve got lots of legacy content or are just getting started, we’ve got you covered with flexible content options for every team.

Axonify Train

Axonify Train cuts through the noise to quickly onboard your frontline teams with must-have knowledge that gets them contributing faster and providing excellent customer experiences.

Axonify services and support

Get a partner who stays by your side every step of the way to build a learning solution that delivers the results you’re after.

Axonify content essentials

Peek inside our Content Essentials Library to see all of the content you’ll gain access to on day one.

Axonify Implementation

Launching a new solution can be overwhelming without the right support. At Axonify it’s all hands on deck to help you get off to a strong start, then keep a good thing going.

Axonify Reinforce

Our brains just aren’t built to remember a firehose of information. Axonify Reinforce uses focused, bite-sized bursts of information and other techniques proven by science to make learning memorable.

Axonify product tour

The same-old approaches to training just don’t meet the needs of today’s frontline retail employees. See for yourself why Axonify is different and why it’s the modern approach to frontline employee learning that actually works.

Get an up-close look at frontline-first training and communications.

Product Tour

How a growth mindset at Russell Cellular leads to professional gains

At Russell Cellular, their effective training culture embraces the employee experience

Securing skills for the future at Etihad Airways

Etihad Aviation Group clarifies their employee development vision with a focus on continuous learning

Fun is the secret ingredient of Recipe’s successful rollout

Recipe made sure their teams really got Axonify—not just how to use it, but why. To do this, they got creative.

Shaw Communications makes frontline coaching a key priority

New tools add structure and accountability to frontline coaching.

Mobile-first frontline training keeps Russell Cellular winning

A new method of training to reach a new generation of learners.

First-class training for a world-class sales team at Etihad Airways

How a learning-centric company culture helps Etihad employees feel empowered and sense of ownership.

Inside a successful cross-training initiative at Citizens Bank

How Citizens Bank builds the agile workforce of the future.

How Eden Housing brings their workforce together even while apart

No frills, but lots of fun. Eden Housing brings their workforce together even while apart.

Briscoe Group builds frontline resilience during the pandemic

How can businesses keep their frontline performing under these circumstances? Briscoe Group uses 3 key strategies to build resilience

How Rogers for Business boosted their CSAT score by 9 points

In the competitive and fast-changing world of telecommunications, customer experience can make or break the business. Rogers for Business boosted their CSAT scores using Axonify.

Russell Cellular takes a frontline-first approach to training

Making it easier for frontline employees to learn, perform and grow at Russell Cellular

MOL Group case study

Fueling a “fresh” approach to customer experience with frontline-first training and communications with MOL Group.

Making transformational change

Chief People Officer, Gianna Venturi shares her professional journey and the changes she’s made to spark transformation at Eyemart Express.

Customers share their aha moments

Hear customers describe the moment they realized there’s a better way to train their frontline.

We're in this together

See how our customers feel about partnering with us to train their frontline.

How to build a proactive culture of safety

Go beyond checking the boxes to build a proactive culture of safety. Watch this 1 minute video to discover how industry leaders in Fortune 500 companies are driving improvements in safety—and the bottom line—with Axonify.

Six essentials to using video for safety training

Video is ideal for meeting workplace training needs. Find out how to implement this approach with these 6 components.

Lean behavior-based safety

Organizations know they need an effective BBS strategy, but many struggle to implement programs that perform.

The State of Customer Experience in UK Retail - A Summary

As the world of retail changes, so do consumer expectations. Martin Newman – The Consumer Champion – provides crucial insight into the UK retail landscape and how organisations need to be adapting to stay ahead.

Every two weeks our CEO, Carol Leaman, sends out a letter featuring stories, ideas and inspiration for building a frontline that’s happy, connected and ready for anything.

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Introducing ISO 45001—and what it means for you

There’s a lot of buzz around ISO 45001, the first global standard for occupational health and safety. Watch this webinar to explore this new standard and what it means for organizations.

How Walmart Logistics trains 75 000 employees

Axonify delivered a safety training program that had stunning results for Walmart.

Episode 6: Frontline Forward

Grocery store workers. Retail associates. Contact center employees. Delivery drivers. We’ve always relied on frontline employees. But for many people, it took a pandemic to recognize just how important these employees are.

Axonify retail essentials

Peek inside our Retail Essentials Library to see all of the content you’ll gain access to on day one.

Lowe's Customer Story - Jamie Furey

Building a compelling associate journey at Lowe’s.

Microlearning: Techniques to jumpstart your EHS training programs

Good training is the cornerstone of every successful environment, health, and safety program. Listen to this podcast to learn more about microlearning and how it can help EHS professionals.

Many manufacturing employees still not getting trained

Frontline employees are an often overlooked segment of the workforce, and that’s consistent in manufacturing and logistics.

Check out The 80 Percent podcast to learn how companies are evolving their training and support tactics to empower their frontlines.


Axonify professional sales essentials

Peek inside our Professional Sales Content Essentials Library to see all of the content you’ll gain access to on day one.

AstraZeneca International Region uses AI-enabled training to drive sales growth

AstraZeneca, a global leader in the biopharmaceutical industry, recognized that traditional workplace training no longer met the needs of its professional salesforce. So they partnered with Axonify to design a continuous learning experience that fit into the day-to-day workflow of its salesforce. 

Learning Tech Ecosystems infographic

ReadThread Research findings from their survey of learning leaders and the technology ecosystems they have in place to support employees across their organizations.

Episode 12: A Great Place for All with Michael C. Bush

What makes a workplace a great place? Is it the benefits? Is it the managers? Is it work itself? Or is it an algorithmic combination of all of these factors and more? Companies claim to have amazing cultures and that employees are their “greatest assets.” But are they doing what it takes to create a great place for all, including the frontline?

Data, AI & continuous reskilling: The future of workforce development

Watch this webinar to learn how successful organizations are rapidly reskilling their workforces to address high priority business challenges.

The art and science of designing a learning tech ecosystem

With business evolving at breakneck speed, and ever-changing expectations around L&D, the time is right to be thinking about your learning technology ecosystem.

BorgWarner transforms safety training and boosts compliance with frontline-first training and communications

Here’s how BorgWarner gets their employees the training, knowledge and confidence they need to do their jobs safely and efficiently.

How RBC makes learning irresistible in their retail branches

Reinforcing training to make learning stick with retail branch associates across RBC.

Hear directly from frontline employees on they want, and need, when it comes to training and support at work.

Read the report

Modern learning made easy

In this CLO Webinar, we’ll explore the six components of a modern learning ecosystem.

AI and tech conversation between Carol Leaman and John Sumser, principal analyst at HRExaminer

Listen as Carol Leaman and John Sumser talk AI and tech in this podcast recording.

Episode 5: Part 2: Global Stories from the Frontline

How can frontline training be improved in manufacturing? How important is coaching in a contact center? How can we put the employee at the center of our workplace learning strategy? Our panelists share stories of how companies around the world are improving their frontline training programs.

AI in workplace learning

Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming the next BIG conversation in workplace learning. See what this means for L&D and how learning professionals can prepare to support an AI-driven business.

Harnessing learning for your front line, and the bottom line

In this practical webinar, David Perring of Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR industry analyst, explores how to fast forward the right learning at the right time to the right people, to affect not just customer experience, but potentially your company’s future success and bottom line.

AI Is making training at scale personal

See what the rise of artificial intelligence means for when it comes to making your frontline training really personal.

Microlearning + big data + machine learning - how to finally prove the impact of training

Learn how the combination of microlearning, big data and machine learning is finally making it possible to prove the impact of training.

The State of Frontline Employee Training 2020

This report provides invaluable insight to help organizations such as yours do right by your people and the communities you serve. The findings show that businesses need to do more to equip their frontline to navigate the storm of business disruption.

Brandon Hall Group modern learning measurement

Discover microlearning, big data and machine learning come together to prove the business impact of learning.

The science behind microlearning effectiveness

Read this article from Training & Development magazine to understand how you can design solutions based on how people really learn.

How to solve the 5 biggest problems in workplace learning

Watch this CLO webinar and we’ll show you how global organizations are solving the 5 BIGGEST problems in workplace learning, with practical tips to help you overcome these challenges and stay focused on the problems that really matter to your business.

Wrong content wrong results - why the right content is key for propelling your business forward

Join David Wentworth, Principal Analyst with Brandon Hall Group, and Craig Wahl, Vice President of Client Experience at Axonify, as they discuss how to take a more strategic approach to learning content that will help you maximize the time, money and resources you put towards this critical initiative.

How to do continuous onboarding the right way

Companies who adopt continuous onboarding see a drastic decrease in safety incidents, increased employee retention and better business results. Read this article for more insights and tips on how to create a continuous onboarding strategy.

Leveraging the latest in brain science to deliver the next generation of eLearning

See what Dr. Alice Kim and Axonify’s CEO, Carol Leaman, had to say about the latest in brain science and how that research is impacting the way corporate training is being delivered.

The impact of training on the advisor and customer experience

Insights to help you attract, develop and retain the best advisors.

A new podcast dedicated to the frontline story

80% of the global workforce is on the frontline. Grocery staff. Retail associates. Delivery drivers. Financial services employees. Manufacturing workers. They’re essential to your business. They’re the face of your brand, and they work directly with your customers and products every day. But too often they get lost in the shuffle. Too often they don’t get the training and support they need (and deserve) to do their best work. Too often their stories go untold.

Frontline finance staff among best trained across industries

A recent survey found that client-facing frontline employees in the finance sector receive some of the most effective and consistent training. Get more survey results and practical insights in this article.

Learning on the fly

See why adaptive learning is gaining favor as a fresh way to personalize the learning experience and collect real-time data.

Ten tips for CLOs considering gamification

See what 10 things industry thought leaders say you should consider before implementing a gamification strategy.

Episode 11: Navigating Disruption on the Frontline with Shawn Kanungo

Think about the ways you have adapted the way you live and work during the pandemic. Consider how much more quickly organizations have adopted digital tools and ecommerce options than they have in the past. The pandemic has disrupted our lives, but it has also set the stage for an unprecedented level of innovation…but only for companies who recognize this potential.

Training: The times they are a'changing

See why a big part of ensuring call center agent success is in training—not just the onboarding process, but consistent, ongoing training that develops stronger agents who can provide consistent quality customer service, improve first-call resolution and reduce appeasements.

No one left behind - driving performance within a deskless workforce

Retail associates. Forklift drivers. Food service employees. Plant workers. These deskless workers have one thing in common: They’ve all been underserved by L&D. Listen to this webinar to hear how you can leave no worker behind.

Episode 3: Still Learning At Home

In episode 3 of The 80 Percent, JD conducts an old-school investigation to find out how companies are helping their frontline workers continue learning from home.

Wakefern unlocks the competitive advantage of their frontline workforce

Wakefern proves the value of ongoing reinforcement training.

4 new ways grocers are empowering associates through technology

Retail has one of the highest turnover rates of any industry. Learn about 4 ways grocery technology can be used to empower associates.

Axonify in grocery

See how Axonify lets you get frontline grocery associates up to speed quickly then continues to feed them bite-sized bursts of daily training right in the flow of work, so they can do their best work every day. Give them one-click access to modern frontline training that actually works.

Northgate Gonzalez Market case study

Specialty supermarket chain, Northgate Gonzalez Market, saves half a million dollars with an innovative approach to employee training.

Hiring for the holidays

Do seasonal hiring smarter this year.

More Than Netflix: The real potential of personalised learning

Read more to hear how L&D must adopt personalisation as a foundational of their modern learning ecosystem. This article originally appeared in Training & Development magazine, June 2020 Vol. 47 No. 2, published by the Australian Institute of Training & Development.

Ethicon case study

Learn how Ethicon increased sales reps’ overall knowledge levels, boosted their confidence and improved sales effectiveness.

Frontline training matters. Here’s why.

The greatest coaches (the Vince Lombardis of the world) would agree: If you want to have a winning team, you have to coach every player. This is true in any sport, as well as business: You shouldn’t train some staff and not others.

Episode 4: A Global Perspective

Five continents. Five experts. One frontline story. JD calls on some of the smartest people in the global talent development community to explore how workplace disruption is fundamentally changing the ways organizations support frontline workers.

Axonify Content Marketplace

Take a glimpse inside our library of frontline-focused content.

Axonify Retail Product Tour

The same-old approaches to training just don’t meet the needs of today’s frontline retail employees. See for yourself why Axonify is different and why it’s the modern approach to frontline employee learning that actually works.

2019 State of Frontline Employee Workplace Training Report

We partnered with Ipsos, a global market research firm, for our third annual State of Frontline Employee Workplace Training report.

Infographic - The State of Workplace Training

Ipsos, a global market research firm, surveyed 1000+ employees across numerous industries (spoiler alert: the appalling results of 2016 still hold true today).

How Longo’s empowers their frontline with mobile-first training and communications

See how Longo’s has used Axonify to deliver personalized training and communications in the flow of work, with a sky-high 95% participation rate.

State of workplace training in contact centers

Contact center agents are important. They’re the face of your business. But are they getting the training they need to do their best work? Find out in this report.

State of workplace training in manufacturing & logistics

Research shows that manufacturing and logistics employees are the most disengaged from their workplace training. Read the report to find out why and, more importantly, what you can do to improve engagement with training.

2018 State of Workplace Training Report

A comprehensive analysis on the state of workplace training, with insights on how to elevate employee performance and drive measurable business results.

Infographic - The State of Workplace Training (short)

Ipsos, a global market research firm, surveyed 1000+ employees across numerous industries (spoiler alert: the appalling results of 2016 still hold true today).

Improve your CX, one agent at a time

By taking a new approach to frontline training, you can speed up time to competency, mitigate early turnover, and continuously build capability on the job, without taking agents away from their desks. An emerging trend dubbed “microlearning” is becoming increasingly popular with contact center and frontline leaders who need to engage a multigenerational workforce to deliver on their customer experience.

Modern learning measurement: How to use microlearning, big data, and machine learning

See how focusing on the right metrics, using the right technology, and making a commitment to understand the impact of learning, makes it possible to not only to measure the influence of learning on the business, but also to predict what impact it can have in the future.

A game-changer: Turn every employee into a top performer with gamification

Learn how gamification can help you address the widening skills gap and get an increasingly diverse workforce to know and do the things that matter most to your business.

Citadel Credit Union taps into effective ongoing training that scales

Citadel combats the ‘forgetting curve’ with their frontline bankers.

How Citadel Credit Union unlocks high performance

Citadel taps into employees’ competitive spirit to unlock high performance.

Securing skills for the future at Etihad Airways

Etihad Aviation Group clarifies their employee development vision with a focus on continuous learning.

How BT uses microlearning and gamification to transform customer service

Learn how BT transformed customer service by implementing a new approach to training.

Winning at CX means investing in EX

Check out this infographic to see why engaged employees are the secret to CX success.

Episode 10: Resilience in Grocery (Part 2)

We launched The 80 Percent in April with a visit to the grocery store to find out how essential workers were coping during the beginning of the pandemic. Now, four months later, we’re returning to the grocery story to find out how businesses and employees have adapted to their next normal.