Driving performance and productivity with microlearning

The secret to retaining distribution and logistics workers, reducing safety incidents and increasing compliance to keep production moving.

Learn how modern training can enable and engage your workforce

Digital transformation is accelerating the pace of business—and the pace of change. But what happens when logistics workers aren’t equipped to keep up? What if they can’t make the right decisions or exhibit the right on-the-job behaviors? Quality and speed suffer, and safety incidents will undoubtedly occur. And those are mistakes that your organization can’t afford to make.

This is your guidebook for training distribution and logistics workers. Learn about traditional versus modern training, see the advantages of microlearning, get a real-world look at microlearning in a distribution setting and more.

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Distribution worker in warehouse

A field guide to modern distributions and logistics training

How do you close the knowledge gaps and provide targeted information, like hazard communications and operating instructions for new machinery, to your workers exactly when they need it? Modern microlearning, built on science.

When the right knowledge is ingrained and accessible—when and where your frontline employees need it—performance increases and production runs smoothly. This guide will get you started.

Learn what microlearning can do for distribution