Screenshot of Axonify app on an app store

Download the Axonify mobile app

Before you begin, make sure you’ve downloaded the Axonify app.
Navigate to your device’s app store to get started. 

  Download on the Apple AppStore Get it on Google Play

To begin, you’ll need your workplace URL, username and password.
If you aren’t sure what your workplace URL is, check with your
company Administrator or supervisor.


Lost your login details?


Step one:

Screenshot of the Axonify login screen on mobile, with the Forgot Password link highlighted

Click on the “forgot your password?” link.

Step two:

Screenshot of the Forgot Password screen on the Axonify app

Enter your username and select “show me my security question” and press “submit”.

Step three:

Screenshot of a login security question on the Axonify app

Answer your security question and press submit. You’ll then be taken to a screen to reset your password.


Remember, if you type your username or password incorrectly three times in a row, you will be locked out of they system for 15 minutes before you can try again.

Still need help?

Ask your company administrator or supervisor for assistance.