Call center enablement that creates confident advisors

When your call center agents really know their stuff, and have the learning management system they need to thrive in their roles, you’ll see the difference in metrics like customer satisfaction scores.

Learn how leading call centers use Axonify’s LMS solution to:

  • Onboard faster and more effectively
  • Continually reinforce learning
  • Measure the impact of employee training programs
  • Launch with confidence
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Onboard faster and more effectively

Whether you need to onboard new employees or reboard existing ones, getting everyone up to speed and ready to field customer concerns quickly is crucial to a successful call center. Axonify’s call center training platform delivers a user-friendly, streamlined experience that boosts employee engagement and focuses on the most important things they need to know right away.

  • Build a consistent onboarding experience for all agents
  • Start with training content that’s most critical to their success, then build on it every shift
  • Explore our robust call center content library to create personalized learning paths
  • Reinforce bite-sized bits of further training over time to boost performance

Continually reinforce employee training

With ever-evolving product offerings, promotions and regulations your agents have a lot of complex information to remember. Forgetting a key detail could lead to transferred calls, longer wait times and a poor customer service experience.

  • Offer a 3-5-minute daily training experience that doesn’t disrupt their flow of work
  • Deliver an adaptive learning experience designed to fill each advisor’s individual knowledge gaps
  • Build and measure advisor confidence so you’re sure they’re prepared to act quickly and reliably on the job
Question about First Call Resolution in call center training software
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“Before Axonify, some employees only retained 15-20% of the material after receiving 2 weeks of introductory training. I knew we had to do something.”
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Measure the impact of your call center training programs

Other LMS platforms don’t suit the realities of the call center frontline. Advisors have packed schedules, so it’s critical their training courses drive results. With Axonify, you can easily understand what content is driving KPIs to focus your fine-tuning where it’s needed most.

  • Get a real-time view of your training programs’ impact on key performance metrics like NPS scores, AHS, call escalation and first call resolution rates
  • Uncover meaningful coaching opportunities with performance data – right down to the individual level
  • Automatically fill in agent knowledge gaps by serving up refresher training in the subjects that matter most–like delivering outstanding customer service–to those who need it most

Explore measurement

Contact Center Essentials library
Content just for contact centers

Our Contact Center Essentials library is filled with hundreds of topics designed by learning experts to help agents build the skills and technical expertise they’ll need to deliver an exceptional customer experience. On average our marketplace content boosts baseline knowledge levels by 20%. And it’s all available on day one.

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Launch your learning management system with confidence

You can count on us every step of the way. We’ll partner closely with you to build an agent training program that delivers the KPIs your business cares about most. No matter your size or stage, we’ll share our contact center expertise to help you get the most out of Axonify.

  • Build a custom implementation plan that’s tailored to your business
  • Get help evaluating your current content, mapping out what learning content you need and building a plan to bridge gaps
  • Lean on your personal customer success manager to get the most out of your training materials and programs

Let’s make your advisors your biggest
competitive advantage.