Frontline performance your competitors will covet

Build just the right mix of knowledge and confidence needed to change frontline behaviors, so your people’s skills always keep pace with your business goals.

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Make learning stick

Tap into the power of techniques proven by brain science to make sure people remember what they’ve learned and modify their behaviors to match.

Fill knowledge gaps

Get your frontline to peak performance by continually adapting learning to the needs of each individual employee.

Build confidence

Make it easier for employees to do the right things in the moments that matter most by testing how confident they are in their knowledge.

Get top tips for driving frontline performance

Axonify changes behaviors in all the right ways

Beat the forgetting curve

Our brains aren’t built to remember a firehose of information. Training sessions in Axonify are short (typically just 3-5 minutes), spaced out over time and designed to actively test key knowledge and confidence. Because that’s how humans learn best.

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“Axonify helps team members get up to speed on complex automotive technology in a fast manner.”

– Jonathan Andrews, Senior VP, HR and Training, O’Reilly Auto Parts
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Adapt the learning to the person

Count on Axonify to continually measure what each employee knows and doesn’t know, along with how confident they are in applying that knowledge on the job. The AI-powered adaptive engine will continually personalize each person’s daily learning experience based on their needs and the priority of the training topic.

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Measure and track behaviors

Define role- or job-specific behavior targets and log behaviors, right in the platform. Serve up training to address any gaps before they impact performance and leverage powerful analytics to help managers deliver targeted coaching.

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Perfecting performance is just the beginning

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