How telecom learns, connects and gets things done

When your frontline has what they need, they can deliver the stand-out experiences that yield loyal customers and top-line growth.

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Contact center onboarding path

Accelerate time to competency

Cut down on time spent on your onboarding training process, and get employees contributing faster. Axonify delivers a streamlined mobile learning experience that focuses on the most important things they need to know right away—then builds on it with bite-sized information every shift.

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decrease24% in training time
improvement5% in CSAT
decrease10% in repeat customer calls
improvement2.7% in connection rate

Learn how BT onboarded thousands of new agents in record time

Improve performance in the flow of work

From product information to promotions to policies, your frontline retail associates and call center agents have a lot to remember. Keep key features and information top of mind with ongoing mobile learning that doesn’t pull them away from the places they need to perform. With Axonify, you can reinforce learning in just a few minutes a day, on the mobile devices they use every day.

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“The area managers that really adopted the platform outperformed every other area in the mystery shop as well as other KPIs. Once that started to happen, all our leaders were completely bought in and on board.”
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Communicate in real time

The traditional learning management system doesn’t meet the realities of the telecom frontline worker. Things change constantly—and to deliver an amazing customer experience, your frontline needs to be up to date. Axonify makes it easy to release timely, consistent information to employees, in the platform where they train every shift.

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Lou Tedrick from Verizon & Senchal Murphy from Kroger

Find out how leaders at Verizon and The Kroger Co. are empowering stellar frontline performance in the face of business disruptions.

With Lou Tedrick, VP of Learning and Development at Verizon and Senchal Murphy, Senior Director of Training & Onboarding, at The Kroger Co.

Re-skill rapidly to meet business needs

The telecom industry is full of curveballs. You need your frontline prepared to pinch hit where the business needs them, and the right learning management software can help. Whether upskilling agents to support a new service tier or cross-training retail associates for telesales, Axonify helps you create focused learning paths to prepare your frontline workforce for whatever comes next.

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You’re in good company

Telecom companies around the globe build high-performing frontline teams with online learning and communications built to fit perfectly with the unique way they work.

Measure the impact

Connect your training data to the KPIs you care about—from AHT to CSAT to FCR—so you can see which training program is driving the biggest results and focus your fine-tuning where it’ll make an impact.

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Let’s make your frontline your biggest
competitive advantage.