An LMS delivers logistics training. We deliver results.

Give distribution and logistics center employees the knowledge and tools they need to support business success—at any scale.

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How distribution gets things done

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Accelerate onboarding

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Foster an engaged, productive and loyal workforce

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Mitigate risk and avoid common safety incidents

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Stay up-to-date with compliance and role-specific training requirements

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Make data-driven decisions to improve day-to-day operations

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You’re in good company

Organizations across the globe use Axonify to enable their distribution and logistics workforce—and the results are impressive.

Build a culture of safety

Keep things running smoothly and help prevent machinery and line disruptions. Prioritize the completion of compliance training to minimize risk and injuries.

How we handle compliance

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Close the skills gap with innovative—and user-friendly!—tech

Pinpoint where the gaps are on your teams so you can upskill and cross-skill where needed and ensure  the right people are on hand to get the job done.

How we upskill

Connect L&D initiatives to manufacturing success

Say goodbye to guesswork. Leverage AI, integrated analytics and reporting to showcase exactly how Axonify impacts your bottom-line results.

How we measure learning

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“Axonify allows us to measure not only what our associates know about safety but, more importantly, confirm they are exhibiting the desired behaviors to maintain a safe work environment.”
Ken Woodlin, VP of Compliance, Safety and Asset Protection, Walmart Logistics

Onboard effectively in the flow of work

Yes, it IS possible to make learning a daily habit without added  strain on factory floor and production managers! Axonify is designed around your workers’ routines so they can clock in, learn what they need and get to work. Rooted in proven brain science and powered by AI, Axonify drives knowledge retention through personalized microlearning and daily intelligent reinforcement so that your people can get the training they need to deliver operational excellence.

How we onboard

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Stay connected to your teams (and keep them with the company longer)

Embedded communication and feedback channels ensure you’re connected to your entire manufacturing workforce, across every subsidiary, in real time and in over 60 languages. Share valuable information across shift transitions to establish productivity and avoid line disruptions—all from one place.

How we foster communication

Get the learning solution your workforce wants to use