Why Change?

If you’re relying on traditional approaches to corporate learning, you’re holding your people (and your business) back from realizing its true potential. Old ways of training are ineffective, and they don’t lead to lasting behavior change.

It’s time to replace outdated training methods, and transform disengaged employees into consistent performers with a new approach to learning:


  • Long & structured
  • One size fits all
  • Boring
  • One shot
  • Difficult to track
  • Based on structure


  • Bite-sized and short
  • Adaptive
  • Gamified
  • Reinforced
  • Tied to performance
  • Based on science

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Learning Built for Business Results

We do more than train. With Axonify, you can:

  1. Fit a personalized learning experience into your employee’s daily workflow (that they’ll love).
  2. Ingrain knowledge deep enough to change behavior on the job.
  3. Use learning to make a direct (and measurable) impact on business results.

Bottom Line Results

Axonify's unique approach is proven to drive bottom-line results for our customers:

Brain Science

Adaptive Microlearning


Our Platform


Reduction in recordable incidents
across 8 distribution centers

Reduction in call-handling time
and 5% improvement in CSAT

Savings in safety claims
from training efforts

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