Curated Insights: What is Digital Learning?

August 18, 2017

Categories: Modernizing Corporate Learning

Do you want to make your new initiative sound exciting and important? Just add the word “digital” to the title! Maybe that’s not exactly true, but it’s definitely starting to…

6 things to look for in a mobile learning solution

August 11, 2017

Categories: Mobile learning

Workers want to learn, want to do their jobs better. But we’ve often failed to deliver the kind of mobile learning experiences that can truly help them do that. Effective…

#OnboardingSOS Part 4: Skip the Show ‘n Tell – Immerse New Employees in Your Culture

August 4, 2017

Categories: Modernizing Corporate Learning

Does this process look familiar? Welcome Sign these papers Company history and culture Policies and procedures all employees need to know Training for your job This is the exact onboarding…

9 Ways Microlearning Drives Employee Performance

July 28, 2017

Categories: Microlearning

It’s official! Microlearning has hit “here to stay” category status. Want proof? Well, more and more organizations (92% in one recent study) are planning to increase their use of microlearning…

True adaptive learning has to measure and deliver knowledge, behaviors and outcomes

July 21, 2017

Categories: Adaptive learning

Is your current learning system really adaptive? If it isn’t building an ongoing, multidimensional picture of what your employees know, do and deliver, then the answer is no. Consider this:…