Get your frontline ready to roll—whatever the role

Support your frontline with ongoing skill development that helps them do their jobs well today, then prepares them for whatever comes next — whether it’s a new business challenge or the next step in their career.

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Build the skills that matter today—and tomorrow

Help your frontline learn new things they’ll need to address future business challenges without taking the focus away from what they need to know today.

Rapidly cross-train your employees into new roles

Create an enviable efficiency engine by building the skills that let your frontline quickly fill gaps when operational demands shift.

Prepare the next generation of leaders

Get your top performers ready for the next step in their careers with easy access to leadership training.

Keep your frontline engaged with development opportunities they care about

Help your frontline master the skills they need today

Give every employee time to brush up on the skills they need to perform in their current role with 3-5 minutes of training each shift. Then make it easy for them to discover additional training activities they can complete at their own pace. They’ll be engaged with an opportunity to continue developing their skills. You’ll have an agile workforce that can keep pace with rapid changes.

Build an agile frontline 

“40% of employees said they frequently completed responsibilities outside of their role. As the current disruption resets business models and objectives, the skills needed to deliver business performance are likely to change even more radically and rapidly.”

— Gartner, Build the Workforce you Need


Create a clear path to whatever’s next

Whether a frontline employee is looking to become a supervisor or cross-training for a role in another department, keep them focused on the right mix of training activities to get there. Allow them to enroll in optional learning paths that blend together training modules and hands-on practice to expand their skillset.

Make coaching easier

It can be challenging for frontline managers to balance day-to-day operations with the coaching and feedback their team needs. Empower them with actionable insights that make it easier for them to spot the right coaching opportunities. So they can make the most of their one on one time with their team.

Reskill at scale with Axonify

“Companies that unlock reskilling at speed and scale will transform at a pace that leaves their competitors behind.” 

— Mercer, 2020 Global Talent Trends Report

Keep performance support tools at their fingertips

No one will become an expert in their role right away. So make sure your frontline has access to the on-demand resources they need to perform—like job aids, FAQs and articles. Make it easy for them to quickly find the resources they need to continue learning as they become more experienced in their new roles, right on the devices they use every day.

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