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Learn how leading restaurants use Axonify to:

  • Onboard faster and more effectively
  • Take the stress out of compliance training
  • Communicate directly with their entire staff
  • Continually reinforce learning
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Onboard faster and more effectively

Getting new hires up to speed quickly on how to create a safe and enjoyable customer experience is your top priority. With Axonify, you can personalize every employee’s onboarding journey to ensure they’re delivering consistent, quality experiences—sooner.

  • Build tailored paths that combine training modules, on-the-job training and compliance certifications
  • Start with content that’s most critical to a new employee’s success, then keep building on it
  • Continue to reinforce important information over time to boost performance
  • Proactively make a furlough plan to reboard workers and ensure they understand their responsibilities when they return
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Take the stress out of compliance training

Serve up compliance training that’s intuitive to complete and a breeze to administer. With Axonify, you can easily keep everyone up to date on the latest health and safety policies in the same platform where they train every shift.

  • Quickly deliver new regulations and certification training to your FOH and BOH workers without taking them off the floor
  • Reinforce key information so employees don’t make mistakes
  • Build compliance training right into their daily workflow
  • Easily see who’s overdue or needs more coaching
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Topper's Pizza

“Axonify provides me proof to confirm the knowledge and skillset of my people, which helps me help everyone else—and the business.”

– Susie Peever, General Manager, Topper’s Pizza
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Communicate directly with your entire staff

Delivering reliably amazing customer experiences means you need to keep the lines of communication open with your entire staff. But with staggered shifts and no email access, how do you keep everyone in the know? With Axonify, it’s a snap to communicate the right information to all.

  • Deliver messages that employees will actually see—in the platform where they train every shift
  • Easily update and share new resources on changing food and health safety policies, sanitation protocols, delivery/pickup guidelines and day-to-day operations
  • Only share messages that are relevant to either FOH or BOH roles or at an individual level
  • Access analytics to see who’s engaged with your message
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“Axonify allows the flexibility and agility to really speak to the individual and personalize their learning.”

– Stephanie Roche, Director, Centralized Training, Recipe
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Continually reinforce learning

Ever-evolving menu items, operations, compliance policies and delivery/pickup logistical requirements can overwhelm and frustrate your workers—which leads to mistakes. Axonify makes it easier for them to confidently do the things that matter most to your business by personalizing their training to focus on the things they’re most likely to forget.

  • Provide bite-sized, focused training that keeps important information top of mind
  • Build and measure employee confidence so you’re sure they’re prepared to act quickly and reliably on the job
  • Deliver an adaptive learning experience designed to address each employee’s knowledge gaps
  • Offer a fun and engaging training experience that they love to use—long after onboarding ends
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We’re in this together. From implementation to ongoing support, we’ll share our restaurant expertise to help you build a training program that delivers the results you care about.

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