Help associates perform better

Give every associate the communications and training tools they need to get up to speed quickly, stay in the know and continue to build their knowledge over time.

Learn how leading grocers use Axonify to:

  • Communicate with their frontline staff
  • Onboard faster and more effectively
  • Take the stress out of compliance training 
  • Continually reinforce learning
  • Launch with confidence
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Communicate directly with your frontline

You need to keep the lines of communication open if you want your frontline to deliver amazing customer experiences. But with staggered shifts and no email access, how do you keep everyone in the know? With Axonify it’s a snap to communicate the right information to all.

  • Deliver messages where associates will actually see them—in the platform where they train every shift
  • Reinforce critical information to ensure it actually sticks
  • Easily update and share new resources like FAQs, process guides and other job aids
  • Only share messages that are relevant to an associate’s role with targeting at the team or individual level
  • Access analytics to see who has engaged with your message
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Axonify has been an awesome tool for us. We’ve used it to stay connected with all our associates across the entire state by sharing crucial updates to help keep our people safe and feeling connected.

– Theresa Zawlocki, Associate Development Director, Festival Foods

Onboard faster and more effectively

You need every new associate up to speed as quickly as possible. But traditional one-and-done onboarding programs can leave them feeling overwhelmed. It’s easy to tailor every new associate’s onboarding experience to make them feel confident in their role sooner.

  • Build tailored paths that blend in training modules, on-the-job training and compliance certifications
  • Start with content that’s most critical to a new associate’s success, then keep building on it
  • Continue to reinforce important information over time to boost performance
  • Cross train employees in other roles after onboarding is complete to build a versatile workforce 
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You’re in good company

See how top grocery retailers are delivering associate communications and training that actually works.

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Take the stress out of compliance training

Give your associates compliance training that’s intuitive to complete and a breeze for you to administer. With Axonify you can easily serve up compliance training in the same platform they do their daily training, so you know they’ll get it done. 

  • Quickly introduce new compliance topics to your associates without taking them away from the floor 
  • Ensure compliance training is completed by building it into their daily training 
  • Reinforce key information so associates are less likely to make mistakes
  • Easily see who’s overdue and send a reminder
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Make your action plan

Grocery has changed. The way you support your frontline workforce should too. Use this workbook to help them stay safe, productive and ready for anything.

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Continually reinforce learning

Ever-changing products, compliance requirements and technologies can overwhelm and frustrate associates, which leads to mistakes. Axonify makes it easier for them to confidently do the things that matter most to your business by personalizing their training to focus on the things they’re most likely to forget.

  • Deliver an adaptive learning experience designed to fill each associate’s individual knowledge gaps
  • Serve up bite-sized, focused bursts of training that keep important information top of mind 
  • Build and measure associate confidence so you’re sure they’re prepared to act quickly and reliably on the job
  • Offer a fun training experience that employees love to use—long after onboarding ends
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Content is always included

Our Grocery Essentials library is filled with hundreds of topics designed by learning experts and experienced grocery leaders like you to reduce shrink and safety incidents, and boost customer satisfaction. On average our marketplace content boosts baseline knowledge levels by 20%. And it’s all available on day one.

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Launch with confidence

Tap directly into our experience working with grocers of every size to build a training program that delivers results. From implementation and ongoing support to our grocery customer forums we’ll keep you winning every step of the way. 

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Give your frontline associates the support they need to stay safe and productive.