A learning management system that gets new employees up to speed quickly

Associates walk into your retail business with varying levels of experience. With Axonify, employee onboarding paths can be tailored to roles, delivering the critical information today, with nice-to-know information over time. The result? Training success, including decreases in onboarding costs and retail employees that are actually ready to confidently hit the shop floor.

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Deliver a consistent store experience

The things your associates do, and don’t do, can make or break the success of your in-store initiatives. Improve associate consistency and performance with personalized mobile learning, job aids and communications they can access on virtually any device—like a POS system, breakroom tablet or their own smartphones.

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Content that actually works with your training programs

Our Retail Essentials library is filled with hundreds of topics to help your associates deliver a consistent, standout customer experience. And it works. On average our marketplace training content boosts baseline knowledge levels by 20%. Combined with content from retail industry partners like The Retail Doctor, Mohr Retail, and OpenSesame, you’ll have all the content you need to get started.

Communicate directly with your frontline

Keep the lines of communication open, so your frontline is ready for anything. Push out consistent, timely updates from HQ right to your associates—no email address required. You choose who should see the message, with targeting at the employee, team and organization level. Then, access custom reports to see who’s read your message and who needs a follow up.

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“We’ve seen a 5 to 10% drop in our turnover since we introduced this platform. We certainly think the way we’re training today has helped deliver some of that result.”
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Improve store sales with training programs that last just a few minutes a day

Traditional LMS features don’t fit with the busy shifts of your retail employees. Get them in and out of Axonify as quickly—and efficiently—as possible. Your training materials are completely tailored to their individual needs, with gamification features to make the experience stick, so they stay focused on the things they need to know to drive conversions and increase basket size. The best part? Training on our retail LMS software only takes 3-5 minutes a day.

Measure the impact of your training programs

You don’t have to settle for guesswork when it comes to measuring the impact of your learning solutions. Axonify makes it easy for you to see which retail training programs are actually driving results and which ones aren’t, so you can adjust on the fly. Plus, regional and frontline managers will get detailed insights around what their associates know and don’t know. So they know where to focus their coaching efforts. (Can your learning management system do that?)

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You’re in good company

Retail businesses around the globe are sold on the benefits of training and communications that actually work. Retailers see, on average, 83% of employees logging in 2-3x per week.

Tap into our retail expertise

We know the challenges your teams are facing. Staggered shifts and high employee turnover. Low employee engagement. Associates spread out across locations with limited access to training, communication or job aids. We’ll take all of the things we’ve learned working with leading brands in the retail sector and put it to work for you. We’ll be with you every step of the way, from implementation to ongoing support to help you get the most out of the Axonify learning platform.

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Make compliance training a breeze

Axonify serves up your compliance training in the same platform where your people already do their 3-5 minutes of daily training. And it automatically makes completion a priority, so you can feel confident that they’ll get it done.

Let’s create your retail dream team of
frontline associates who drive success.