Communicate directly with your frontline

Instantly push out timely, consistent information to your frontline staff in the moments that matter, no matter where they are—no email address required.

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Reach them where they work

Push targeted communications out to your workforce in the platform they love to use every day, so you’re sure important messages reach them.

Keep everyone on the same page

 Put an end to bulletin board updates and the broken telephone dynamic. Deliver the right message consistently to frontline staff on their work or mobile devices.

Know who’s listening (and who’s not)

Say goodbye to guesswork with reporting that makes it easy to see who’s read your message and who needs a follow up.

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Axonify Communications cut through the noise

Deliver messages where employees will see them

Employees log in to Axonify at the beginning of every shift, making it the perfect place to share new updates and information. Build out your own text or multimedia messages and they’re automatically delivered directly to your frontline when they log in to take their daily training.

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We’re able to connect with our employees in real-time to make sure they’re informed and ready to handle anything. I have no idea what we would do if we didn’t have Axonify.”

– Lindsay Johnston, Associate Director, Training, M&M Food Market

Only share relevant messages

Frontline employees have enough to remember. That’s why we’ve made it easy to target messages based on an employee’s role or their team. Easily share job aids, FAQs, procedures or other important updates they need to do their best work every day.

“Axonify has been an awesome tool for us. We’ve used it to stay connected with all our associates across the entire state by sharing crucial updates to help keep our people safe and feeling connected.

– Theresa Zawlocki, Associate Development Director, Festival Foods

Keep your message consistent

Make sure your frontline employees hear messages the way you intended. Instead of routing messages through multiple departments and managers, go directly to the audience and avoid unwanted edits along the way.

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