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3 Ways Your Onboarding Isn’t Setting Seasonal Hires Up for Success

In the time it takes you to read this sentence, a crop of talented seasonal employees received job offers from your competitors. And that means the highly coveted pool of seasonal retail talent just got even smaller — a situation that’s only intensifying as the U.S. unemployment rate continues to hover around a near-historic low … Continued

Media Coverage

How women will thrive in an automated future

As we hurtle toward the 2020s, there are few greater challenges than the automation of work. Roughly half the jobs out there are being significantly disrupted by technology. The challenge is deepest amongst front-line employees – think of retail servers or call-centre operators – and the majority of those workers are women. According to a … Continued

Media Coverage

PCMag.com Reviews Axonify

Many corporate LMSes cater to office workers, but learning on the job can happen anywhere. Axonify has carved out a niche for those who work in construction, retail, and hospitality where learning new skills is important for job security but safety and compliance are of utmost importance. If your company needs to train a mobile … Continued

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