Personalized learning built for the frontline

Onboard, train and reinforce—in only 3-5 minutes a day—with proven microlearning and AI-powered reinforcement in the flow of work.

Built on brain science, backed by AI

Axonify reinforces knowledge to identify gaps and build long-term behavior change. And that’s just the beginning.

The Axonify Method  AI at Axonify

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Close knowledge gaps (and keep them that way)

How do you make sure they actually remember the critical training you’re sharing? Microlearning breaks training down into bite-sized pieces, and spaced repetition and intelligent reinforcement keeps the information top-of-mind.

Onboard faster—at any scale

Personalized learning paths get new employees up to speed and on the floor quicker, with easy access job aids to support on-the-job learning.

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Keep vital information within reach

Critical information isn’t helping your staff if it’s in a binder or the breakroom. But with a centralized—and searchable—information hub on the devices they already use, they can get the information they need to perform without leaving the floor.

Drive next-level adoption and engagement

Your employees have different motivations—but they all want to do a good job. That’s why we use a blend of game mechanics to entice employees to log in, every single day. And it works: our unprecedented 83% engagement rate speaks for itself.

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Make data-driven decisions

Leverage robust data on your people, their skills, the tasks they’re assigned and the outcomes they achieve to reveal exactly how and where training is impacting your business.


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“It’s a modern learning approach that gives learners what they need to know to be successful.”

– Rebecca Sinclair, Chief People Officer, ATD

A learning solution you (and your frontline) will love

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Personalized learning paths

Assigned and self-directed training modules are easy to follow and fully customizable to each employee.

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AI-powered reinforcement

Beat the forgetting curve with science-backed reinforcement techniques—spaced repetition and retrieval practice—fueled by AI.

Gamified Experience
Gamified experience

Increase engagement and adoption with a gamified UX and UI that’s fun and purpose-built for the frontline. Get the outcomes you need with a platform designed to keep employees coming back for more.

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Screenshot of reinforcement features in Axonify Learning
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Self Directed Skills Training And Development
Self-directed skills training and development

Help your frontline learn new things they’ll need to address future business challenges without taking the focus away from today’s learning experience.

Centralized learning hub

Create a single source of truth for employees that’s easily accessible and gets your people doing the right things at the right time.

Training Content Marketplace

Creating quality, engaging content takes a lot of time and energy—so let us do it! Access over 830 topics proven to boost baseline knowledge by 20%.

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Screenshot of Axonify's centralized learning hub
Screenshot of Axonify's Content Marketplace
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Learning only makes an impact if it reaches your employees.

83% of Axonify users log in to train 2-3 times a week. Get in touch to learn why.