Onboard faster

What if you could give every new hire the right amount of support to get them up to speed quickly? Then keep them super engaged by connecting them to ongoing training, communication and job aids they need to be successful each shift. All while spending less than you currently do to onboard new hires.

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Keep your frontline focused

Zone in on the topics an employee needs to know to start doing their job well, then continue to build their knowledge long after onboarding is over.

Help them solve problems on the fly

Deliver job aids, articles, FAQS and other resources your new hires need on the devices they use every day.

Keep tabs on their onboarding progress

Easily spot who has completed compliance certifications and intro topics, then watch how their knowledge and confidence grow over time.

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Eyemart Express

“Our onboarding ramp time reduced dramatically, from 35 days before Axonify to 10 days after Axonify. That’s saving us thousands of dollars per person.”

– Gianna Venturi, Chief People Officer, Eyemart Express
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Set your frontline up for success from day one

Reduce the time it takes to onboard new hires

Pull in the right mix of topics, events, on-the-job training activities and compliance certifications into structured learning paths that set your frontline up for success. Then continue to serve up personalized bursts of training each shift to make sure the most important things stick.

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Keep your frontline connected to job aids

You can’t cover everything in onboarding. Keep answers to common questions, job aids and other resources at your frontline’s fingertips after they hit the floor. So they can solve problems on the fly as they continue to get comfortable in their new role.

Watch knowledge and confidence progress over time

Get all of the reports you need—like completion rates, test scores, compliance reports and training time. After onboarding is over frontline managers can use helpful reporting dashboards to understand what their employees know and don’t know, so they can easily spot coaching opportunities.

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Outstanding onboarding is just the beginning

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According to Gallup, only 12% of workers think their companies do a good job of onboarding. We can change that.