Customer Stories

Read the real-life stories of organizations who are thrilled to have a training and communications solution that actually works with the way their frontline works.

Why frontline employees are critical to your business

O’Reilly Auto Parts’ Senior VP of HR and Training shares how they’ve decreased turnover by 2.5% per month and why the frontline is a driving force in impacting the bottom line.

Advice from a people-leader pro: How to thrive through change

Carrie Ask, an experienced people-leading executive who has worked at the likes of Target, Petco, Nike, Levi’s, and Tailored Brands, offers her advice in this biographical piece on how to successfully manage through change.

At Home

Supporting rapid growth with employee training tastefully designed for scalability.

Walmart Case Study

Read how Walmart Logistics has achieved stunning safety results by building employee knowledge and tying it to the job.

Fearlessly redefining the HR industry

Rebecca Sinclair, Chief People & Communication Officer at American Tire Distributors, shares how she’s pioneering a new way of training and why it’s crucial to invest in the frontline workforce.

How Longo’s empowers their frontline with mobile-first training and communications

See how Longo’s has used Axonify to deliver personalized training and communications in the flow of work, with a sky-high 95% participation rate.

Building a compelling associate journey at Lowe's

Lowe’s partnered with Axonify to create Lowe’s U, a one-stop shop for personalized, bite-sized training, communications and on-demand job aids and resources.

Personalized learning at scale with Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha meets employees where they’re at with frontline-focused training.

MOL Group case study

Fueling a “fresh” approach to customer experience with frontline-first training and communications with MOL Group.


Citadel Credit Union taps into effective ongoing training that scales

Citadel combats the ‘forgetting curve’ with their frontline bankers.

BorgWarner transforms safety training and boosts compliance with frontline-first training and communications

Here’s how BorgWarner gets their employees the training, knowledge and confidence they need to do their jobs safely and efficiently.

Russell Cellular takes a frontline-first approach to training

Making it easier for frontline employees to learn, perform and grow at Russell Cellular.

How Citadel Credit Union unlocks high performance

Citadel taps into employees’ competitive spirit to unlock high performance.

How a growth mindset at Russell Cellular leads to professional gains

At Russell Cellular, their effective training culture embraces the employee experience.

Securing skills for the future at Etihad Airways

Etihad Aviation Group clarifies their employee development vision with a focus on continuous learning.

How Eden Housing brings their workforce together even while apart

No frills, but lots of fun. Eden Housing brings their workforce together even while apart.

Briscoe Group builds frontline resilience during the pandemic

How can businesses keep their frontline performing under these circumstances? Briscoe Group uses 3 key strategies to build resilience.

Inside a successful cross-training initiative at Citizens Bank

How Citizens Bank builds the agile workforce of the future.


Investing in training that fits each employees’ needs is always in fashion.

Axonify in Grocery

Hear first-hand from leading grocers, across North America, on how they’re finding success in a quickly changing landscape and addressing common challenges facing the grocery industry.

Southeastern Grocers brand logos—BI-LO, Fresco y Más, Harveys Supermarket and Winn-Dixie

Cashing in on modern learning achieves business goals.

Wakefern unlocks the competitive advantage of their frontline workforce

Wakefern proves the value of ongoing reinforcement training.

How RBC makes learning irresistible in their retail branches

Reinforcing training to make learning stick with retail branch associates across RBC.

Fun is the secret ingredient of Recipe’s successful rollout

Recipe made sure their teams really got Axonify—not just how to use it, but why. To do this, they got creative.

Shaw Communications makes frontline coaching a key priority

New tools add structure and accountability to frontline coaching.

Mobile-first frontline training keeps Russell Cellular winning

A new method of training to reach a new generation of learners.

First-class training for a world-class sales team at Etihad Airways

How a learning-centric company culture helps Etihad employees feel empowered and sense of ownership.

How Rogers for Business boosted their CSAT score by 9 points

In the competitive and fast-changing world of telecommunications, customer experience can make or break the business. Rogers for Business boosted their CSAT scores using Axonify.

Making Transformational Change

Chief People Officer, Gianna Venturi shares her professional journey and the changes she’s made to spark transformation at Eyemart Express.

Saul Campos from Northgate González Market

Here’s how this store director is boosting food safety knowledge at his store.


Daily training of 10,000+ associates blooms into $2.2 million in savings each year.

The business impact of creating a personalized learning experience

Jasha Fletcher, Head of Learning Solutions & Architecture at BT, talks about how making learning easy and personalized for the frontline workforce directly impacts the customer experience–and sales numbers.

Festival Foods video case study

Festival Foods shares how engaging its entire workforce drove better customer service, resulting in higher OSAT scores for the first time in 2 years.

BT logo

Answering the call for employee learning transformation helps solve customer issues faster and with fewer complaints.

Lisa Iles from MCAP

Lisa Iles, Retention Agent at MCAP, talks about the contact center environment, the demands of her role, her knowledge requirements and experience with Axonify.

Customers share their aha moments

Hear customers describe the moment they realized there’s a better way to train their frontline.

Eyemart Express Video Case Study

Watch how this retailer saves thousands of dollars by dramatically reducing onboarding time and keeping associates engaged⁠—while opening 2 stores per month.


Bringing a world-class safety culture through hyper-charged employee knowledge and retention.

Aristocrat Customer Story

Betting on microlearning to push the boundaries of innovation, creativity and service.

Lorraine Williams from Rogers

Lorraine Williams, Performance Enablement Manager at Rogers Communications explains how she feels supported by the Axonify team to achieve success.

Rodric Hampton Mitchell from Southeastern Grocers

Rodric Hampton Mitchell, Senior Project Manager at Southeastern Grocers explains how Axonify helps employees be more successful.

Merck Customer Story

Remedying safety incidents by driving a proactive culture of awareness.

Susie Peever from Topper's Pizza

General Manager at Topper’s Pizza, Susie Peever, shares how she used Axonify to build a high-performing workforce.

Ethicon Case Study

Learn how Ethicon increased sales reps’ overall knowledge levels, boosted their confidence and improved sales effectiveness.

Barb Grofic from Merck

Barb Grofic from Merck, Manufacturing Division, talks about how Axonify has helped employees be more mindful on the manufacturing floor.

MCAP Customer Story

Investing in employee knowledge and confidence pays off by significantly reducing escalations.


Keeping shoppers happy and satisfied by serving up the best customer service.

Melissa Jackson from PointClickCare

Melissa Jackson, Director of Professional Services shares how Axonify helped reduce onboarding and certification time from 6 months to 6 weeks!

Aristocrat Leisure

Betting on microlearning to push the boundaries of innovation, creativity and service.

Bloomingdale’s proves training saved $3 million in 1 year

Bloomingdale’s uses microlearning, big data, and machine learning to prove training saved $3 million in 1 year.

Ryan Porter from At Home

Customer Service Representative, Ryan Porter, talks about how he uses Axonify and how it helps him feel confident in his role.

Customer Love

Watch this unscripted video to hear what customers really think about Axonify.

Gary Orona from Northgate González Markets

Learn why Gary Orona is using Axonify instead of an LMS.

Fred Argo from Ethicon

Ethicon leverages the Axonify platform to help its clinical sales reps build and retain the knowledge they need to speak intelligently to medical professionals.

Festival Foods Customer Story

Feeding associates daily bites of modern training to improve customer service and scale a high-growth strategy.


Remedying safety incidents by driving a proactive culture of awareness.

Sarah Wong from Precision Resource

Finding a way to keep your frontline employees on the floor while training them at the same time can cut costs for your business. Hear how this global manufacturer realized $112-150k ROI in training.

Demond Winfree from At Home

As a store manager, Demond talks about the success he’s seen with Axonify.


Going above and beyond the call for customer service with a modern approach to learning.

Merck Case Study

Merck, a global healthcare company, reduces incidents by building a culture of safety awareness.

Briscoe Group Customer Story

Selling in a results-driven training approach in less than 6 months.

Roberto Chaves from Northgate González Market

Read how Roberto Chaves has transformed the way he delivers training with Axonify.

Eyemart Express

Framing the employee experience through personalized microlearning and a commitment to increasing employee knowledge to create a culture of service.

BT Customer Story

Answering the call for employee learning transformation helps solve customer issues faster and with fewer complaints.

Patric Meyer from Festival Foods

Patric Meyer, Learning & Engagement Developer from Festival Foods shares exactly why his organization decided on Axonify for delivering consistent training across its workforce.

At Home Video Case Study

Valerie Davisson, Chief People Officer, and her team share how At Home boosted sales and scaled employee training across 100 stores

Walmart Customer Story

Bringing a world-class safety culture through hyper-charged employee knowledge and retention.

Allison Lorelli from Lixil

Allison Lorelli, Central Regional Training Manager talks about how Axonify helps Lixil make more money.

Mutual of Omaha logo

Ensuring advisors and customers are always on the same page when it comes to protection and achieving their financial goals.

Chad McIntosh from Bloomingdale's

Chad McIntosh, Vice President of Asset Protection and Risk Management shares how Axonify has helped make Bloomingdale’s a safer work environment and saved the company $2.2 million dollars in one year.

M&M Food Market

Sharing consistent communications so associates are always prepared and ready to share great meal ideas.

Richard Hudspith from BT

Transition Center Manager at BT Consumer (British Telecom), Richard Hudspith, explains how Axonify helps him achieve success.

Briscoe Group

Selling in a results-driven training approach in less than 6 months.

Southeastern Grocers Customer Story

Cashing in on modern learning achieves business goals.

Northgate González Market

A fresh approach to employee training produces savings of $500,000+ in just 12 months.

Jamie Brackpool from Precision Resource

Jamie Brackpool, Content Developer at Precision Resource explains the consequences of not training employees or equipping them with the right knowledge in the manufacturing industry.

Mutual of Omaha Case Study

Read how Mutual of Omaha defied industry norms, with 100% enrollment in voluntary group benefits, by investing in its associates.

PointClickCare Customer Story

Making efficiency click by reducing certification time from 6 months to 6 weeks, while generating $40,000 additional revenue per hire.

Northgate González Market Customer Story

A fresh approach to employee training produces savings of $500,000+ in just 12 months.

Festival Foods

Feeding associates daily bites of modern training to improve customer service and scale with a high-growth strategy.

Sharon Scott from Waste Management

Sharon Scott, National Corporate Services & HR Manager from Waste Management talks about the benefits of Axonify vs a traditional LMS.

Chris Delledonne from The Source

Chris Delledonne, Director of HR from The Source explains how Axonify helps his company better deliver on its KPI’s and customer service.

Bloomingdale's Customer Story

Daily training of 10,000+ associates blooms into $2.2 million in savings each year.

Chalhoub Group

Empowering team members to constantly build their knowledge through mobile learning.

Content Exchange Customer Reactions

Hear what our customers have to say about the Axonify Content Marketplace.

Ricky Hinde from Cell C

Ricky Hinde, Senior Manager of Training at Cell C talks about how he can now pinpoint exactly what areas of the business need improving to effect change.

MCAP Case Study

Discover how Axonify is helping MCAP create knowledgeable and confident call center reps whose exceptional service keeps clients coming back.

Maria Ornelas from Northgate González Market

Supervisor at Northgate Markets shares the measurable improvements and other changes she’s seen over the last four years.

Aristocrat Video Case Study

VP of Technology Services, and the Aristocrat team, talk about how Axonify is helping in-field technicians get the job done twice as fast.

Gusto 54 Restaurant Group

Serving up small bites of employee knowledge to deliver the best customer service.

Briscoe Group Case Study

Find out how retail giant, Briscoe Group, transitioned 2,000 employees and almost 90 locations to a new platform while rebuilding training content and strategy—all in less than 6 months.

Energy Australia

Empowering their employees to deliver the best customer service.

Renee Walker from At Home

Learn how Renee Walker, Store Manager for At Home, uses Axonify to support her and her team.

At Home Customer Story

Supporting rapid growth with employee training tastefully designed for scalability.

Evan Parkes from Southeastern Grocers

Evan Parkes, Senior Director of Training & Development at Southeastern Grocers shares how employees average about a 15% knowledge lift and the importance of continuous learning.


Ringing in more revenue through personalized employee training.

Precision Resource Case Study

Global manufacturer, Precision Resource, improves operational excellence and realizes $150,000 of training value, while decreasing the number of press operator errors and scrap—find out how.

Glentel brands—WIRELESSWAVE, Tbooth wireless, WIRELESS etc.

Dialing up customer experience in the wireless space.

Bloomingdale's Case Study

Learn how Bloomingdale’s reduces safety claims and saves millions.

Northgate González Market Video Case Study

Hear firsthand from Director of Training, Gary Orona, and his team about how they transformed employee training with the help of Axonify – and saved half a million dollars in just 12 months.

Andrew Calomino from Bell

Andrew Calomino, Manager of Learning & Content at Bell explains the difference between an LMS and Axonify, and why Bell prefers a more modernized way of sales training.

Deutsch Family Wines & Spirits

Upskilling sales reps’ effectiveness through friendly competition.

Axonify in a word

We asked our customers to characterize Axonify in one word. Here’s what they had to say.

Eden Housing

Building a strong foundation of safety practices and company culture.

BT Case Study

Find out how BT improved customer satisfaction while significantly reducing onboarding time, repeat customer calls & call-handling time.

PointClickCare Case Study

PointClickCare reduces certification time from 6 months to 6 weeks.

Sarah Wong from Precision Resource

Sarah Wong, HR Generalist at Precision Resource talks about the benefits of Axonify in measuring and building employee knowledge growth.

Topper’s Pizza

Speeding up the pie production line by feeding employees targeted slices of knowledge.

Nontokozo Mahlangu from FirstRand Bank

Nontokozo Mahlangu, Talent, Technology & Analytics Manager at FirstRand Bank talks about how Axonify proves you can drive KPI’s and ROI by integrating learning into business objectives.

Ruby Receptionists

Using modern learning to drive customer service that really shines.

Northgate González Market Case Study

Specialty supermarket chain, Northgate González Market, saves half a million dollars with an innovative approach to employee training.

At Home Case Study

Powerhouse home décor retailer, At Home, boosts sales by investing in associate training.

JD Group brands—Incredible Connection, HiFiCorp, Rochester, Bradlows, Russel's, and Sleepmaster

Empowering employees to deliver electrifying customer experiences with tailored training content.

Andrew Calomino from Bell

Andrew Calomino, Manager of Learning & Content at Bell talks about how he’s already seen 7M+ learning interactions, knowledge lift as high as 15%, and monthly participation as high as 95%.


Making learning fun in just a few minutes a day.