Read Foot Locker’s training transformation story

Part 1 – A better way to learn

When Lauren Hayes joined Foot Locker in 2018, her mandate was to develop a cohesive, consistent learning strategy for store teams and leadership alike. So, where do you start when you have a blank slate of this size? If you’re Hayes, you go straight to the source.

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Part 2 – Communication and BYOD

Foot Locker Inc’s 44,000 team members don’t have corporate email addresses, so HQ traditionally sent updates via email to each store with the direction that store managers would relay important information to their teams through huddles or postings in the back room. But they had no way of tracking who was or wasn’t seeing key messages.

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Part 3 – Building a daily habit

From the very beginning of rebuilding their training program, the leaders at Foot Locker had a vision that their team members would come in and get set up for success with all the information they needed at the beginning of each shift. The bite-sized, personalized training and communication, delivered through their Lace Up platform that’s powered by Axonify, are both important parts of that success equation, but so is the high engagement. Let’s face it: if nobody’s using the platform, it doesn’t matter how amazing the content inside is.

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Part 4 – Proactive partnership

Foot Locker knew that getting impactful results from its Lace Up training program would mean delivering the right content to team members across the business. Spending time with Axonify’s instructional design team up front to understand the question-based learning approach and methodology around building out questions helped the Foot Locker team stay laser focused on only building content that would make the most significant impact in their stores. It also ensured they weren’t putting out so much content that their frontline people wouldn’t have time to get through it all.

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“Many team members asked about the possibility of using their phones. We recognized right away that we needed a more digital approach to learning that would meet our team members where they were.” -Lauren Hayes Head of Global Learning Foot Locker
“The communication functionality became a lifeline for us. We’ve often said, ‘What would we have done to keep team members engaged without being able to reach them on their mobile devices through Axonify?’” -Lauren Hayes Head of Global Learning Foot Locker
“We’re using the data to measure so much more than knowledge growth. We look at training participation rate and frequency, knowledge level on specific topics and our customer NPS scores to get a view of team engagement and actual store performance on conversion revenue and our KPIs.” -Dennis Gjaltema Sr. Manager, L&D - EMEA Foot Locker
“Every question we had, every challenge, every concern, there was always a solution or a quick turnaround from the Axonify team. The level of engagement and support was just awesome.” -Lauren Hayes, Head of Global learning, Foot Locker

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